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Rio Base Mile Ride
Sunday, February 19, 2017, 10:00am
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The RioBase mile ride will be starting back up on Sun January 8th at 10am. Team Rio Grande Racing will be working to revive the ride this season. It will be an easier 2-3 hour ride as a complement to, or an alternative to, the faster Saturday rides (Oval or SOR).
Updated 12/06/2016

The 411
This ride is a great way to start building for the upcoming season and the only way to be ready to survive the Oval ride.
Its your basic base mile ride, cept with a great bunch of people, long, slow and chill (and chilly) .
The Start
This ride starts at the original and legendary Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant on Sundays in early Nov and runs until late May. 10:00 AM
don't be late.
The Start

FtC Rio

The Route
It varies, 2-5 hours depending on who wants to keep riding after the official ride is over.

The Finish
It varies