A multi-surface ride benefiting The Cycle Effect.


Super Rist

Reese Ruland is organizing a 74 mile road/gravel ride on August 22nd. The Old Flowers Off-Road is free but there will be opportunities to donate money to the Cycle Effect, a non profit group that empowers young women through cycling. The burely course takes riders from Fort Collins, up and over Pennock Pass, Old Flowers road, to the tip top of Super Rist and back to the Fort. While the ride is not a race, it does include two timed Strava segments with prizes for the top 3 women and men. 

The gist:
This is a community focused ride. There will be two timed Strava segments that you may or may not wish to push yourself on. Top three females/males with the fastest combined times will win an amazing swag package from our sponsors: Cervelo, FatTire, Wahoo Fitness, Velocio, Topo Designs, Outdoor Voices, and Skratch Labs.

This ride is entirely free. Open to all. This is not a race, the roads are open. We are accepting donations. After covering the cost of food and some venue costs, all profits will be donated to The Cycle Effect.

The cycling community is something we should all be proud of and thankful for. Some of our best memories and friends have likely come about because of cycling. It only seems right to give back to a community that has done so much for us. Which is why we are trying to raise money and awareness for The Cycle Effect. Their goal is simply to empower women through mountain biking to create brighter futures and build stronger communities.

Podium Awards:
Velocio Gift Card
Wahoo Fitness Computer
Topo Designs Pack

Everyone will walk away with an Outdoor Voices hat, beer and food in their bellies. Plus a sense of accomplishment- which is always good to have.

*Coming Soon*
In an effort to raise even more money for The Cycle Effect, Cervelo has kindly donated an Aspero frame which will be raffled off this summer.

The Course and segments: 

The first segment is a doozy. It's gonna pack a punch. It starts at the left turn off of Buckhorn Road at mile 25 and ends at the tippy tippy top of Pennock pass just before mile 40. Our only aid station is located at the end of this segment. You'll still want to stop at that, as refreshments past this point are few and far between.
The second segment is from the bottom of Old Flowers Road, around 46.5miles, and ends at the real top of Rist, aka Super Rist, at mile 61.

old flowers off road

About Cycle Effect: 

The Cycle Effect’s mission is empowering young women through mountain biking to create brighter futures and build stronger communities. ​ The Cycle Effect focuses on three primary goal areas: physical wellness; community impact and mentorship; and building brighter futures. By providing an opportunity for at-risk girls to be engaged in regular, healthy programs that help build their self-esteem and promotes overall wellness, girls are more likely to be healthier, stay engaged in school and set goals that will support their future.


More information: 

Complete information on the cause, the course, how to sign up and volunteer can be found here: https://oldflowersoffroad.weebly.com/about.html