YGR Road Stamp

Reese Ruland, George Simpson and Gavin Mannion are organizing a road Strava segment hunting series. The three-week series runs from June 8th until June 28th. A weekly $10 donation to the charity of your choice is requested. Full details below. 

Concept-No racing is happening, we get it. Social distancing is a thing. We want to give everyone a challenge during the month of June. Each week race Strava segments, lowest time wins some prizes and the knowledge that you're the fastest person in town. We are asking that everyone donate $10 a week to a charity of their choice as an entry fee. This is the honor system, but if you feel like posting a photo of your donation to your Strava ride. Weekly winners who are 21+ will get a case of FatTire. Overall winners will get a Velocio gift card or FatTire swag and more beer if they want it. 
-Join the Strava group. https://www.strava.com/clubs/675847
-Name your ride- Stage #, FoCo SSH 
-This is intended to be done as a Solo ride, #socialdistancing. No team time trials please.
-Each week starts on a Monday morning and ends on a Sunday night, you must ride the designated segments between those days. 
-Stage 2 is TT bike optional but road bikes are perfect too, but stage 1 and 3 are road/gravel only, no aero equipment. 
-Stage 1 and 3 are enduro style, can be ridden in any order, but must be done during the same ride. Segments are named "Stage 1 FoCo SSH a" and then "b" to make it easier to follow. Segments are described below. 
-We will go through at the end of each week and create a results sheet to share with everyone. Planning to post on the club strava page. 
Categories- Men and Women. Junior, Open, and 40+
Week 1- Super Dams  June 8th- June 14th
Stage 1a: Start at Highlands West Dr. (bike path) heading west on Harmony. Climb Harmony Dam and finish at the top of maniac. 
Stage 1b: Start at the parking lot entrance to swim beach. Head north and down from the dams. Turn right towards Bingham Hill and finish at the top of the second climb.  
Week 2-  Horsetooth TT June 15th- June 21st
Stage 2: Start at Highlands West Dr. (bike path) and head west toward Masonville. Turn left before Masonville onto Glade Rd. Climb the hill and turn Right into the neighborhood at the top. Take that through to the general store and turn right and climb back up to the mountain park. The finish is at the top of the climb (school bus stop sign).  https://www.strava.com/segments/24249535
Week 3 - Gravel King June 22nd- June 28th
Stage 3a: Start at the entrance to Howling Cow and head west up the dirt road. At the top, turn right on the Rist Canyon and finish at Whale Rock.
Stage 3b: Start where the dirt begins on N Co Rd 25E (west of the Bellvue Bean). Go south and take the road to the dead end. Turn around in front of the gate and head back. Finish back on the pavement at the DIP sign.