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After a brief break, we're rolling out a new YGR Flash Competition and this one is a month-long!. There are four separate categories for the July jackassery, total miles ridden, most elevation ridden, most hours ridden, most consecutive rides over 20 miles (July 3rd-July 30th) and the longest ride. You can do these on any type of bike.  You must be a YGR Strava club member to compete. 



Total Miles

Most Elevation

Most Hours

Longest Ride

Most consecutive rides over 20 miles (between July 3rd-July 31st)

Rules and Info

Open to NoCo/SoWyo residents, ex-pats and COVID 19 refugees. 

Join the YGR FTC Strava Club here: https://www.strava.com/clubs/ygrftc


Prizes-$15 dollar gift card to Gib's Bagels to the winner of each category. 

July 1st through July 31st

Results submission link- https://forms.gle/Ex5SVC2F2Fse9qk69