Primary Focus

Road, mountain, gravel, cyclocross- all the bikes. 


Type of racer

Men's and women's amateur race team


Mission Statement

The 1st City Cycling Team (FCCT) are a Front-Range based cycling team of women and men who share comaraderie for all things cycling.
FCCT’s mission is to…
• Field a competitive bicycle racing team of men and women of all ages and abilities
• Promote our sponsors and other cycling-friendly businesses
• Organize both grassroots, amateur, and professional cycling events
• Volunteer for local and regional cycling events - not just our own
• Advocate for cycling safety and awareness with stewardship and representation
• Showcase the Northern Colorado community

The 1st City Cycling Team is one spoke of the NoCo Cycling Project (NCCP), a 501c3 organization.


Press Release

Coming off a pandemic-"ridden" year (no pun intended), the 1st City Cycling Team (FCCT) is optimistic for 2021. First we’d like to recognize and thank our returning sponsors!
• 1st City Mortgage - Mick Occhiato
• proVelo Bikes - Greg Thornton
• Spex Optical - Matt Skrdla
• Elevations Real Estate - Mike Sibbald
• Banner Health-(CardioVascular Institute of Northern Colorado) - Kate Schutze
• The Royster
• The Town Pump
• Matador Mexican Grill - Brad Loyd
• Your Group Ride
• Skratch Labs
• Defeet

We’d also like to welcome the addition of our newest sponsor Cuore of Switzerland and are anxiously looking forward to “flexing” our colors on the pave, gravel, and dirt!

Even though we are the largest race team in Northern Colorado by the numbers, the competition begins and ends on race days as we continue to encourage collaboration, participation and volunteerism through hosting events and stewardship for the betterment of our cycling community. We are fortunate to live and ride in a region with multiple teams and individuals who share our vision, while consisting of a wide range of diversity and skillsets.

For 2021, you will see FCCT racing our bikes, participating in group rides, volunteering, and advocating for all cyclists. We have plans to resurrect, support, and assist grassroots racing (City Streets, New Belgium Short Track/Cyclocross, the YGR race series, etc.) and hopefully put a much-loved MTB event back on the calendar (TBA). There is even a rumor that one of the premier cycling events in Northern Colorado will be returning in 2021! (I won’t spill the beans, but it occurs in November at a local brewery so stay tuned for those announcements.)

So if you see one of us on the street, trail, or road, introduce yourself. We look forward to riding, racing, and volunteering with you!



1st City Mortgage

proVelo Bikes

Spex Optical

Elevations Real Estate

Banner Health-(CardioVascular Institute of Northern Colorado)

The Royster

The Town Pump

Matador Mexican Grill

Cuore of Switzerland


Skratch Labs

Defeet International



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1stCityCyclingTeam

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1stcitycycling/

Website: https://firstcitycyclingteam.com/



Adam Glaser
Adam Marshall
Alistair Jordan
Amanda Miller
Amy Glaser
Andrew Grabau
Ben Schuchard
Bill Beach
Bill Heistermann
Bill Speg
Blair Oliver
Brad Wright
Brad Loyd
Carl Woodworth
Chris Deigert
Chris Carlson
Chris urbauer
Christopher Villegas
Curtis Mcllvain
Curtis heidiman
Dan Evans
Dan Howe
Dan Porter
Darryl Beachy
Dave Cropp
David Hueter
David Dixon
Deb Homan
Derek haynes
Derek Lukasik
Dwight Hall
Eric Houck
Greg Thornton
Greg Kuchta
Jake Pratt
James Bethea
James Scott
Jared Hanson
Jason Gugelman
Jason Green
Jeff Homan
Jeff Allison
Jim McChesney
Joel Bass
John Arguello
Johnny Eisert
Josh Sturgeon
Josh Schuler
Joshua Krabbe
Justin Fields
Kate Schuetze
Kathleen Strong
Keith Kelley
Keith DeLuca
Kelby Bethards
Kerry Tasa
Kevin Havel
Kevin Osberg
Kevin Young
Kurt Wieck
Kyle Balint
Lane Savage
Lauren Nagle
Maria Kelley
Mark Thiel
Matt Fix
matthew skrdla
Michael Crouch
Mick occhiato
Mike Sibbald
Mike Murray
Mike Woodard
Miles Whedbee
Ned Smith
Nicole Swan
Paul Kumm
Paul Tanguay
Paul Bass
Paul Bickerton
peter strebe
Peter Spurlin
Ray Roetman
Robert Howe
Ronny Bush
Roy Denoon
Ryan Hughs
Scott Queen
Scott Adams
Shane Garland
Shannon Lynch
Steve Urlocker
Steven Stefko
Tim Lynch
Tim Schroepfer
Tom Carter
Tom Bondurant
Tommy Taylor
Trace Whitcomb
Tyler Peterson
Vong Philavanh