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The 1st City Cycling Team is hosting the City Street Crits again this year. There will be races for all ages and abilities with local pros providing instruction for the C race. 

The races will take place on June 11, 18, 25, July 2, (intermission), 23 and 30. There are races for all ages and abilities with road racing skills clinics. Beginners are absolutely welcome! 


Adults are $15.00. Anyone under 18 races for free. Registration will take place onsite.


5:00 Registration opens

5:30 Tots/Kids- 0-8yr

5:45 Juniors 9-13 (3 laps)

6:10 A race (50 min)

7:10 B race (30 min)

7:45 C race (20 min) Starts with a 15-minute skills clinic including laps on the course led by local professional cyclists. 



Fort Collins City Streets Maintenance Facility, 625 9th St, Fort Collins, CO


Tots/Kids: 2-3 year olds on striders and trikes up to 8 year olds on 20/24 inch wheeled bikes. The littles will go until they get tired, the older kids will do 1-3 laps depending on enjoyment levels. Helmets required.

Juniors 9-13: Not too much to say here, if you have a 9 to 13 year old, they'll be in this group. Most will be on 24, 26 inched tires. Road bikes are ideal but mountain bikes are A-OK. Helmets required.

A race: Description coming soon.

B race: Description coming soon.

C race: Description coming soon.

Volunteers Needed and Appreciated

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