Sticking with tradition, The First City Cycling Team and Cross of the North has again released its financials for the COTN CX weekend. Tommy Taylor, the Technical Director sent along this statement. 

The FCCT/Cross of the North has always held itself to the highest standards of financial transparency. From day one, our commitment has been to put on an event with the focus on the racers and spectators with all proceeds going towards either awards, charity donation or reinvestment in infrastructure (i.e., race kit, which incidentally is available free of charge for other race promoters). We believe that providing our financial details to the public serves as an educational tool as we ourselves were very naive about the workings of race promotion prior to taking on this event. Year over year, as the COTN crew has gained experience, the event has continued to build on itself, as reflected in the historical summary.

As you can see by the numbers, the team is not in it for the money. Every bit of the race budget and some of the team budget goes into making a great CX weekend.


2015COTN Annual Summary

2015COTN Summary Infographic

2015COTN Historical Summary