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2016 DDDTT 400Registration for the Double Damn Dams Time Trial Series pb Backcountry Delicatessen is now open.

More information on the series can be found here: http://goo.gl/od31vs

Registration and payment

Basic registration- $10.00 https://payableform.appspot.com/forms/109jqc


Unemployed (but actively looking) and College Student- $5.00 



Junior-Free http://bit.ly/1nsXavK


ZAGSTER- $10.00 https://payableform.appspot.com/forms/109jqc



(Please print this off and bring it to your first race of the series. You only need to fill it out once)



Arguably the hardest of the 3 YGR times trials, the Double Damn Dams Time Trial Series pb Backcountry Delicatessen is back for its 6th year. This course is great training for the upcoming CX season. We'll be firing off riders every 30 seconds from the corner of Dixon Canyon Rd and Overland Trail (Near Hughes Stadium). Races will be held on THURSDAYS August 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th. First rider off at 530. Basic entry is $10.00.  $5.00 for college students and the unemployed. Juniors are FREE. 

Course info: Start at the intersection of Dixon Canyon Rd and Overland Trail, head West up Stadium Hill, head North along the dams until the Bellvue city limit sign, perform a 'U' turn at the sign, continue back across the dams and finish at the mailboxes at the top of Stadium Hill. Its 12.49 miles with a lot of elevation. 

Course Map available here: http://www.yourgroupride.com/index.php/local-races/double-damn-dams-time-trials/223-double-damn-dams-map

Registration will be here: http://www.yourgroupride.com/index.php/local-races/double-damn-dams-time-trials

Wavier will be here: http://www.yourgroupride.com/index.php/local-races/double-damn-dams-time-trials

What you need to know: 

All ages and abilities are welcome.
First rider off at 530. Riders off every 30 seconds.
Male and female Aero and Eddy Merckx categories.

     Aero= time trial bikes.
     Eddy Merckx= road bike with no aero gear. 
     Kerkove= Mountain bike with mountain bike tires. Don't make me get technical.

Registration is ONLINE ONLY and will open the Wednesday before and remain open until 4pm race day. 
One waiver for the entire series. Save and reuse your bib # each week. 
12.4 Mile course. Map available on YGR.
Basic entry is-$10.00. College kid/ unemployed-$5.00. Junior- FREE.

2016 DDDTT


Eddy Merckx- This category is named after the great Belgian cyclist, Eddy Merckx. Merckx won 450 races, 35% of the races he entered. Racers in this category can only race on standard 'mass start legal' road bikes. Aero bars, disc wheels, time trial helmets are not allowed. Skin suits and shoe covers are ok. 

Aero- The Aero category allows for any type of time trial, triathlon bike or road bike with aero components. The more aerodynamic the better.  Aero bars, disc wheels, aero helmets, skin suits and shoe covers are encouraged. Break out the fancy stuff. 

Kerkove- The Kerkove Kategory is named for former Fort Collins resident, Jeff Kerkove.  Jeff had a tendency to attend the Oval, Wednesday Worlds and YGR Time Trials on his mountain bike. Racers in this category must race on a mountain bike with knobby tires. No CX tires or slicks. 

Zagster- This is a new category for 2016 and may not be held during every series. Check the race flyer for details. Racers must race on one of the Zagster Bike Share bicycles owned by the City of Fort Collins.  Just register online and show up to the race start and you steed will be waiting for you.