4soht2016weber2Photo by Mike Weber.

14 racers, 12 men and 2 women, finished (and submitted results for) the Winter stage of the 4SOH Mountain Bike Challenge stage race over the weekend. An unknown number of racers started but ultimately DNF'd due to less than ideal conditions. Not surprisingly, no one submitted results for Saturday the option, with 6 inches of fresh snow and frigid temps ranging from -11 to just 5 degrees.  About half raced on Sunday with temps between -15 and 20 degrees and the other on Monday in the balmy -4 to 39 degree sun. RJ Morris and Mick McDill rode fat bikes to 3rd and 4th place respectively on Sunday. Brian Stephenson and Chris Urbauer capitalized on a blazed trail and warmer temps to take 1st and 2nd on Monday as did Teresa Garcia and Celeste Cannon, 1 and 2nd respectively in the ladies category. Brian's winning time was 3:21:12, Teresa's was 3:35:30. Riders were taking between an hour and a quarter to two and a half hours longer to complete the course in snowy conditions versus dry conditions. 

With a 10 minute time bonus for completing all stages on the line (only 3 of 4 are required) and two stages to go, RJ Morris, Mick McDill and Brian Stephenson lead the men's race and Teresa Garcia, Celeste Cannon and Heather Baumgartner lead the women's.

Full results and times here: http://4soh.org/results2

Riders have until the end of the day today to submit results.