The series has been extended by one week.  Races will continue on Thursday July 5th. 

YGR THTT Stamp 2018

The 2018 Taft Hill Time Trial Series is ready to roll for June. In addition to the Aero, Eddy Merckx and Kerkove categories, we'll have two person Eddy Merckx Team Time Trials- men only and women only teams. 

The Taft Hill Time Trial Series pb Backcountry Delicatessen will take place on Thursdays June 14th, 21st and 28th AND JULY 5th -first rider off at approximately 530 . Registration will open here, on YGR, the Wednesday before each race and will close at 4pm on race day. The cost is $10.00 for most of you, $5.00 for college kids and the unemployed. Juniors race free.

What is the Taft Hill Time Trial Series?

The THTT is a low cost, mid week, grassroots, road time trial series that takes place in June each year. The THTTs are great for those planning to race the State Time Trial Championships at the end of June. It's a classic TT course, a mostly flat out and back with some gentle rollers, a roundabout at the turnaround and a power climb to the finish. The weather for this series is always crazy for some reason; heat, rain, hail, wind, smoke, lightning, you name it, we've had it. Races cost $10.00 (for most, details below) and are open to riders of all ages and abilities. We have male and female categories including categories for regular road bikes, time trial bikes, mountain bikes and two person teams.


Registration and Category Information 

  • All ages and abilities and bikes are welcome. Grassroots time trials are great introductions to bike racing and YGR doesn't tolerate any jackassery so come race your bike in a competitive yet fun environment.  
  • Male and female categories include;  Two man Eddy Merckx team, Two woman Eddy Merckx team (two people start together, timer stops when the 2nd rider crosses the line), Eddy Merckx (mass start legal bikes). Aero (anything goes). Kerkove Kategory (standard issue MTB w/ knobby tires). Full category descriptions can be found here:
  • Registration will open here on June 13th.
  • Registration is online only and closes at 4pm on race day. 

Course Information

  • The course is a mostly flat, mostly out and back.  Be sure to check the map because the finish is NOT the same as the start.  16.76 miles long.
  • Course map:
  • The start is just where Highway 287 crosses over Taft Hill Road, North of Fort Collins. We meet under the overpass.
  • Google Maps Image:
  • The turnaround is at the roundabout at the intersection of Taft Hill Road and Owl Canyon Road.  Google Maps Image (trust me, there's a roundabout there now):
  • The finish is at the crest of the cement plant climb. Google Maps Image:
  • It is your responsibility to know where the start, turnaround and finish are.  There will not be a volunteer at the turnaround. 

Other Information

   Thursdays June 14th, 21st and 28th

  • Results can be found here shortly after each race:
  • First rider off at 5:30. Start order announced at the start line on race day. 
  • You only need to sign one waiver for the whole series. Print it here before and save yourself sometime.  Waivers are also available at the start. 
  • YGR will provide a number or you can bring your own. Try to use the same number every week if possible.  
  • The YGR car will be at the start and will be able to transport your belongings (lights, jackets, bottles, saddlebags etc...) from the start to the finish. 
  • Email info(@)yourgroupride with questions. 

Please Information 

  • Please be respectful of other road users and landowners along the course.  It wouldn't take very many complaints from local residents and motorists to shut us down.  A couple of the land owners near the start line are particularly unimpressed with us so it's imperative that we conduct ourselves in a positive manner.  On this course especially, don't park or pee anywhere near the start line!  Plenty of parking at the finish.  You can also park on Cache La Poudre Drive if you must drive out Please tell friends and family not to park or hangout at the start. For real, the old Marine out there doesn't like us.  
  • If you have an issue with a car whilst racing, I am happy to deduct a reasonable amount of time from your race to make up for it. 


More information on the  can be found here:

If you're racing the new Two Person Team Category, each rider must register separately. 

Registration and payment

Standard Adult registration- $10.00

Discounted Adult registration (for unemployed and college students)- $5.00

Free registration (juniors and otherwise comped riders) - $0.00


(Please print this off and bring it to your first race of the series. Waivers are available at the start. You only need to fill it out once.)

If you have issues with registration or questions about the races, please email me at info (@)


Eddy Merckx- This category is named after the great Belgian cyclist, Eddy Merckx. Merckx won 450 races, 35% of the races he entered. Racers in this category can only race on standard 'mass start legal' road bikes. Aero bars, disc wheels, time trial helmets are not allowed. Skin suits and shoe covers are ok. 

Aero- The Aero category allows for any type of time trial, triathlon bike or road bike with aero components. The more aerodynamic the better.  Aero bars, disc wheels, aero helmets, skin suits and shoe covers are encouraged. Break out the fancy stuff. 

Kerkove-  If applicable- The Kerkove Kategory is named for former Fort Collins resident, Jeff Kerkove.  Jeff had a tendency to attend the Oval, Wednesday Worlds and YGR Time Trials on his mountain bike. Racers in this category must race on a mountain bike with knobby tires. No CX tires or slicks. 

Zagster- If applicable- Racers must race on one of the Zagster Bike Share bicycles owned by the City of Fort Collins.  Just register online and show up to the race start and your steed will be waiting for you. 

Eddy Merckx Two person Teams- Just like the Eddy Merckx category but with two riders (men, women and co-ed if applicable) start at the same time, riding mass start legal road bikes. The stopwatch stops when the 2nd rider crosses the finishline. 

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