The 2019 Taft Hil lTime Trial Series wrapped up on Thursday with New Belgium beers, Yampa Sandwich Company ice cream sandwiches hot temps and fast times. Thanks to everyone that came out and competed. The final omnium results are below. If you finished in the top 3, keep an eye out for an email from me this afternoon about how to pick up your very special award.  Thanks to the Yampa Sandwich Company and New Belgium Brewing for their support and thanks to Josh Krabbe for logistical support. 


1st- Kiley Dindinger- 02:15:05- $100.00 cash money

2nd- Kelly Ulmer- 02:15:59- $20.00 gift card to Yampa Sandwich Company

3rd- Janna Dickerson- 02:22:17- $10.00 gift card to Yampa Sandwich Company

4th- Lee Ann Short- 02:48:44 


1st- Aaron Calhoun-01:52:54- $100.00 cash money

2nd- Joshua Krabbe - 01:57:50- $20.00 gift card to Yampa Sandwich Company

3rd- Shea Mielke-01:58:35-$10.00 gift card to Yampa Sandwich Company

4th- Josh Speiser-02:07:18-

5th- Dakota Troudt-02:12:53-

6th- Zach Howe-02:33:13-


In order to be listed in the Omnium overall, you must have:

1) Competed in 3 out of the 4 races. 

2) Raced a solo Eddy Merckx category. 

3) Raced a Team Eddy Merckx category- including the newly added Co-ed Eddy Merckx Team.

4) Raced either an Aero category or a second Eddy Merckx category race.