Information on stage number four of the Weld County Stage Race and results/GC from stage three are below. Somehow I missed posting information on races 2 and 3.

More info on the stage race can be found here:


From the Bike Peddler in Greeley: 

Hey it's time for another stage! This one will have ya wandering south from Johnstown and then coming back up along the St. Vrain. 


Stage 3 Results, KOMs and Overall GC

Stage 3 Results

Young Bucks
N. Janzen-Pankratz 1:40:49
M. Boley +03:20
E. Subka +03:58
J. Fields +07:30
M. Van De Graaf +14:27
L. Darby +18:35
A. Goble DNS

Old Stags
B. Dunning 1:41:40
M. Neibauer +06:17
R. Kramer +09:00
C. Edens +12:24
M. Zuhlke +12:38
W. Van De Graaf +13:59
B. Batterton +18:03
C. Cavendish +38:46
A. Schenkel +58:09
M. Berntsen +1:12:00


GC Results

Young Bucks
N. Janzen-Pankratz 5:14:44 ^
J. Fields +1:48 v
E. Subka +21:50
M. Boley +37:49 ^
L. Darby +1:11:09 ^
M. Van De Graaf +1:15:31 ^
A. Goble DNF

Old Stags
B. Dunning 5:18:48
M. Neibauer +11:52
R. Kramer +21:50 ^
C. Edens +24:03 v
M. Zuhlke +36:43
B. Batterton +1:01:52
W. Van De Graaf +1:11:27 ^
C. Cavendish +1:29:12 v
A. Schenkel +2:07:05
M. Berntsen +2:47:14


KOM (total points)

Young Bucks
N. Janzen-Pankrats 22pts
J. Fields 18pts
E. Subka 14pts
M. Van Der Graaf 10pts
M. Boley 10pts


Old Stags
B. Dunning 24pts
M. Neibauer 19pts
W. Van De Graaf 12pts
C. Edens 12pts
R. Kramer 12pts