HP-webOur vision is based upon our passions:

  • Passion for cycling and the fitness and health benefits it provides.
  • Passion around our zeal for competition – both in the IT marketplace and the world of cycling sport.
  • Passion for giving back to the communities that we proudly call home.
  • Passion for supporting national charitable causes and finally a passion of showing the world that HP employees our proud of our heritage as we wear the Team Colors.

These goals are achieved through a number of local, regional, and national cycling activities. Participation includes involvement in charity fundraising cycling events and training rides, which include club members and their families. Membership is open to all HP and contract employees, their family members and friends.

While some employees look forward to gearing up for annual charity rides and the training that come with it – others enjoy pushing their competitive spirit thru local and national cycling races. Others enjoy the relaxed casual training rides that local employees schedule. Regardless of your cycling abilities, we encourage you to join the international camaraderie and the universal excitement that we all enjoy while riding our bikes.

Whether your goal is raising $5000 for the LiveStrong Foundation, completing your first century, improving your health and fitness or winning a local race – we want to have fun together while riding our bicycles. Join us today and proudly wear the HP Team Kit. Our members raise monies for charities or simply enjoy themselves on weekend rides. They help others and their families gain better health and get in shape. We race, ride or tour and find ourselves better prepared for the challenges of life. We are active in our communities because we have the energy and spirit to do so.

Given the diverse distribution of employees around the world – we hope to use this site to unify the HP cycling family and provide a collective voice to highlight events, best practices and information about rides and people around the world.

Over time we hope to use this site to promote awareness of events and charity rides that are supported by HP employees to give others a chance to schedule vacations that might allow their participation in these events at locations around the world – building a diverse spirit to further define the HP way.  We also hope to recognize the tireless efforts of employees as they use their passion for cycling to raise awareness and contributions to recognized charitable events worldwide.