Resumed for the 2018/2019 season. 10am. (updated 01/07/2019)


The Oval is a cold hard Colorado classic and the best way to spend a Saturday morning.  Plus it will make you pretty fit too.

The Start

Bring your A game to the Southwest corner of the CSU Oval right in front of the Statistics Building. The ride heads out at 10am Saturday mornings  The turnout is solid from early December until the racing starts in March or April.  Start map

The Route

When this ride reaches its maximum distance of 80 miles it has it all. From flat crosswind sections, rollers, power climbs  to the long grinds.  The city limit sign east of Berthoud has become a hotly contested mid ride sprint.  This ride doesnt stop for food, flats, pee breaks or bags of money.  Last year I saw a guy loose a $30.00 frame pump and keep going. Now thats a training ride! Route Map

The Finish

There seems to be some confusion about this.  Some people think hit is at the top of the climb near the Horsetooth Mountain Park and some think it's a sprint to the  speed limit at the end of the descent from the  reservoir on Harmony Road.  From now on lets call it at the speed limit sprint.  This give the climbers a chance to get away and the sprinters a chance to chase them down  Plus its the longer of the two options. Bring the 11 tooth.  Finish map