This week we've got Trent Newcomer's 10 Tracks on repeat. Trent is the Colorado VeloFix franchise owner and veterinarian over at the Front Range Veterinary Clinic.  He can also bring the heat on a road, cross or mountain bike.  When does he listen to these?  "Before a ride or on the way. Go sans music during the ride, of course (safety first!), but always have these on the list while toiling away on the trainer in my basement."

trent newcomer 2016 COTN

Favorite Bike(s):
Depends on my mood
1) Turner Czar (MTB)
2) Van Dessel Motivus Maximus (Road)
3) Van Dessel Full Tilt Boogie (CX)

Favorite Ride:
King of the Rockies Race Course - Winter Park















 10 tracks With Trent Newcomer