Michael Olivier (O-liv-ee-ay) gives us a little spin-class commentary on his 10 Tracks this week. Michael rides/runs/swims/whatevers for 9Seventy Racing and is a Senior Designer/Lead Designer (I design front-end graphical user interfaces) for Oath (formerly Yahoo/Aol). He doesn't listen whilst on the bike. Why? "my hearing is shit already and if I have headphones in, I can't hear things around me". 


 Favorite Bike: Niner RLT 9 (aluminum) - Swiss Army Knife of bikes

Favorite Ride: Blue Ridge Parkway when it's closed to cars
When do I listen: Running, trainer rides, gym and mostly when skiing.

Tracks with commentary:

1-Dance Yrself Clean - LCD Soundsystem (perfect for the long build up)
2-In the Meantime - Helmet (Now that you're warmed up, KILL IT)
3-Beuna - Morphine (Keep the adrenaline going)
4-Misbehaving - Labrinth (okay, cool it buster, pace it out)
5-Empire State of Mind - JAY Z (ramp it back up a bit)
6-50 Lashes - Floating Action (chill)
7-Shakedown on 9th Street - Ryan Adams (ass-kicking, boot-stomping rager)
8-We the People - Tribe Called Quest (starting to fade, need some encouragement to keep at it....almost there)
9-Jesus, Etc. - Wilco (you've made it, coast on home)














10 Tracks with Michael Olivier