Buckeye Road Race

Don Haywood recently uploaded videos from the 1992 Buckeye Road Race and the Downtown Fort Collins Criterium. The videos include great commentary by Don, Jim Dunlap and Paul Whyman.  You’ll also recognize the landscape of the Buckeye Road Race and neighborhood of the Old Town Criterium.  Things haven’t changed all that much in the nearly 30 years since these videos were produced by Columbine CableVision, The Fort Collins Evening News channel.  Buckeye Road is still windy as hell, orange cones are still trying to take out racers, Don Haywood is still racing his bike (heck, he’s still promoting races, the Frostbite Time Trial), Fort Collins is still dreaming of a stage race, road races are still nearly impossible to promote, Fort Collins is still a major cycling city and the American public still doesn’t really get bike racing. While the Buckeye Road race was relatively short-lived, the Old Town Criterium went well into the early 2000s (I crashed out of it as a Cat 4 in 2000).  The question is, who is going to bring these races back?