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DesFit Review- 3rd Gen Karoo Bike Computer

Des takes us on a tour of the new 3rd gen Karoo bike computer from SRAM/Hammerhead.  Retail cost is $474.99.

DesFit Review- KICKR Core Zwift One

DesFit tells us everything we need to know about the new KICKR Core Zwift One, enabling virtual shifting on Wahoo's KICKR Core smart bike trainer. The KICKR Core Zwift One is great for households with multiple bikes using the same trainer, and the virtual shifting is great for bikes with limited gear ratios like gravel and mountain.  The trainer will cost you $599.99 but comes with a year of Zwift, a $150.00 value.

DesFit Review: Garmin Connect Getting a New Look

According to a recent press release by Garmin, select customers using Garmin smartwatches, cycling computers, and accessories can opt-in to try the beta version of Garmin Connect before it is available to everyone later this year. At this time, the Garmin Connect Beta program is only available to select Garmin Connect users. If invited to join the beta, and provide feedback, you will receive and invitation in Garmin Connect. The amount of users invited to join the beta will increase over time.

DesFit has a review of those changes and the full press release from Garmin is below.

DesFit Review: Tacx Neo 3M Smart Trainer

Des gives us a comprehensive review of the new Tacx Neo 3M Smart Bike Trainer from Garmin. He touches on ride feel, the spirit of gravel, power accuracy, setup, price ($2000.00), and more.

The Garmin Tacx NEO 3M is a direct-drive smart trainer that uses an electromagnetic motor braking system to create a virtual flywheel of variable weight. It has a preinstalled 11-speed cassette and a seamless in-app onboarding process. It also has built-in motion plates that can be toggled on and off.

DesFit Review: STRAVA Direct Messages

Strava has introduced a new, free, feature that simplifies activity planning and communication for its members. Users can now plan activities, share routes, and coordinate events directly within the Strava platform via Messaging.


Does using the KICKR MOVE in conjunction with the KICKR CLIMB give the ultimate indoor riding experience? DesFit gives us his impressions of the new WAHOO devices. His setup in the video will set you back- $1600.00 for the MOVE, $560.00 for the CLIMB, and $50.00 for the CLIMB rocker adapter. KICKR Bike Trainer Mat and KICKR HEADWIND will cost you $80.00 and $240.00 respectively.

DesFit Review: Wahoo KICKR MOVE

DesFit gives us a comprehensive review of the new KICKR MOVE from Wahoo. The MOVE adds eight inches of fore and aft movement and a minimal amount of lateral movement to the KICKR V6 direct drive smart trainer. Tune in to see what Des thinks about it.

DesFit Review: Wahoo Summit Freeride Update

Wahoo's Element Bolt V2 and Roam V2 have the new Summit Freeride feature for automatic climb detection and Des has all the details.

DesFit Review: Garmin Edge 540 & 840

DesFit is comin' in hot with his reviews of the new Edge 840 and 540 from Garmin. Solar charging, dual-band satellite systems, new enhancements to ClimbPro, and much more. 

DesFit Review: Bryton GARDIA R300 Cycling Radar

Can the Bryton Gardia R300L Cycling Radar Taillight, priced at $129.00, compete with the $199.99 Garmin Varia RTL515? DesFIt gives us his opinion along with a complete review of features. Bryton is GPS cycling computer company based in Taipei.  They have eight computers and the Gardia in their lineup. They sponsor several European-based cycling teams, including Intermarché–Circus–Wanty and the now famously defunct B&B Hotels.  Bryton only appears to have two US-based retailers, one in NY and one in TX, so you'll have to shop online if you want to buy one.

DesFit Review: Garmin HRM In-Depth Comparison

Trying to decide which Garmin HRM is right for you? Tune in as DesFit gives us a rundown on all the features of Garmin's heart rate monitors, including the HRM-Pro, HRM-Pro Plus, HRM-Dual, HRM-Swim, and HRM-Tri/Run.

DesFit Review: KICKR Steer, RGT Steering, & Race Mode

Today DesFIt tells us everything we need to know about the new steering functionality in Wahoo RGT (Road Grand Tours) with the new KICKR Steer accessory along with a new KICKR Race Mode feature.