10 Tracks

Lets tune in weekly to hear what our fellow NoCo cyclists listen to when they riding, wrenching, driving and recovering. We have nearly 100 playlists and 1000 songs already streaming on YGR Radio.

10 Tracks With Alfred Querubin

This week's 10 Tracks DJ is equally comfortable at the skate park as he is throwing down sprints during the local road group rides. Alfred Querubin moved to Fort Collins from Manila, Philippines, in 2003, graduated from CSU in 2015 and now works remotely for Tricentis as a Senior Solutions Architect. 

Dylan Canfield on a recent unipacking trip

10 Tracks with Dylan Canfield

This week is Dylan Canfield week here at YGR. We've got him as a DJ on 10 Tracks today, and we'll review his mountain unicycle tomorrow on Ride Review. I've been seeing Dylan ride his unicycle at the Sendtown races for a few years but finally got to know him a little this Fall when my three kids and I took the Sendtown Cyclocross program (Five stars. Would recommend.) that he leads.  The short track and cyclocross races at New Belgium are actually pretty mild compared to some of the other stuff Dylan rides. The Four Seasons of Horsetooth Mountain Bike Challenge (3 hrs 38 min), 200+ mile seven-day unipacking trips, Porcupine Rim, North Shore... Dude's crazy. Learn more about his exploits and give his playlist a listen, and be sure to check out his mountain unicycle review tomorrow.

10 Tracks with Collin Zimmerman

Our resident expert on drafting is this week's 10 Tracks DJ. Collin Zimmerman comes to us from the great state of Tennessee and is an Engineer at CPP Wind Engineering in Windsor. When things get hard on local group rides, Collin usually has something to do with it. It's even worse now that he has dad watts. 

10 Tracks with Kevin Krause

Kevin Krause is our DJ this week on 10 Tracks. Kevin is originally from Plymouth MI and has been in Fort Collins for 8 years. He settled here with his wife and son and is fully embracing the cycling lifestyle. The whole family attends local races, events and clinics and goes by bike whenever possible. Their house even has a bike-sized garage door leading to the bike room.  Kevin isn't just suckling from the cycling scene's teat though, he's actively working to make it better as a member of the Fort Collins Bicycle Advisory Committee, the Natural Resources Advisory Board, and as the current lead wolf of the Wolfpack. 

10 Tracks with Katie Chu

Here we go, we've got Katie Chu as our 10 Tracks DJ this week. Katie is an At Large member of the Fort Collins Bicycle Advisory Committee (thanks) and recently co-launched the Dirt Darlings Cycling Club with Sam Palmer, and Jaime Robinson. The VIDA MTB Ambassador is from Columbus OH and came to us 7 years ago+-. She works as a Survey Research Coordinator at the University of Colorado.

10 Tracks with Bill Heistermann

He'd be the first to admit that he's not the fastest and he's often broken (he currently has a broken hand) but there are few others that carry the stoke for cycling that he does. He also contributes a ton to the local cycling scene, volunteering at most grassroots events and as a former race director for 40 in the Fort. So without further adieu, I give you this week's 10 tracks DJ, Bill Hestermann.

10 Tracks with Taylor Kruse

This week's 10 Tracks DJ is Taylor Kruse. He's the videographer behind the All Terrain Bicycle Challenge series and has worked with ENVE, EF Education, the FoCo Fondo crew among other industry players. Taylor's been known to ride all the bikes but is happiest when his tires have dirt under them.  Click on to learn more about Taylor and to hear his playlist. 

10 Tracks with Jay Zorn

Jay Zorn rolled through Fort Collins on Tuesday, Wyoming Wednesday and is now in Montana as part of his #fifty50fifty challenge. I thought it would be fitting to have him as a 10 Tracks DJ this week. Jay’s challenge has him riding 50 miles in 50 states in 50 days in his 50th year. The ride started in Anchorage, AK on September 1st.

10 Tracks with Gavin Mannion

He's back baby! I'm happy to announce that after having his hand broke back in July, Gavin Mannion will return to racing at the Tour of Britain (Sun, Sep 4 – Sun, Sep 11, 2022). The Human Powered Health Pro and cycling coach will head across the pond later this week. To celebrate we've invited Gavin to be our DJ on 10 Tracks and he graciously agreed.  

10 Tracks with Peter Discoe

10 Tracks With Peter Discoe

This is a 10 Tracks I've been looking forward to for a long time, and neither the interview nor the playlist disappoints. Peter Discoe is the man behind the Ramble Rides, he's an operating partner with Type Two LLC, an event management company that runs events such as the Wasatch All Road in Utah and the American Criterium Cup and was the guy flippin' switches at SWOBO when the brand was based in Fort Collins. He's a lifelong equal opportunity cyclist™ (rides all the bikes) and lover of music- aka the perfect YGR 10 Tracks DJ.

10 Tracks With Ryan Muchmore

Ryan Muchmore is our DJ this week on 10 Tracks. Ryan hails from the great state of Delaware and has been in the Fort for four years.  He's one of the first smiling faces you'll see if you duck into Niner HQ (Chris Wolff being the other). Big gravel and/or singletrack days are his jam.