10 Tracks

Lets tune in weekly to hear what our fellow NoCo cyclists listen to when they riding, wrenching, driving and recovering. We have nearly 100 playlists and 1000 songs already streaming on YGR Radio.

10 Tracks with Jay Zorn

Jay Zorn rolled through Fort Collins on Tuesday, Wyoming Wednesday and is now in Montana as part of his #fifty50fifty challenge. I thought it would be fitting to have him as a 10 Tracks DJ this week. Jay’s challenge has him riding 50 miles in 50 states in 50 days in his 50th year. The ride started in Anchorage, AK on September 1st.

10 Tracks with Gavin Mannion

He's back baby! I'm happy to announce that after having his hand broke back in July, Gavin Mannion will return to racing at the Tour of Britain (Sun, Sep 4 – Sun, Sep 11, 2022). The Human Powered Health Pro and cycling coach will head across the pond later this week. To celebrate we've invited Gavin to be our DJ on 10 Tracks and he graciously agreed.  

10 Tracks with Peter Discoe

10 Tracks With Peter Discoe

This is a 10 Tracks I've been looking forward to for a long time, and neither the interview nor the playlist disappoints. Peter Discoe is the man behind the Ramble Rides, he's an operating partner with Type Two LLC, an event management company that runs events such as the Wasatch All Road in Utah and the American Criterium Cup and was the guy flippin' switches at SWOBO when the brand was based in Fort Collins. He's a lifelong equal opportunity cyclist™ (rides all the bikes) and lover of music- aka the perfect YGR 10 Tracks DJ.

ryan muchmore, 10 tracks

10 Tracks With Ryan Muchmore

Ryan Muchmore is our DJ this week on 10 Tracks. Ryan hails from the great state of Delaware and has been in the Fort for four years.  He's one of the first smiling faces you'll see if you duck into Niner HQ (Chris Wolff being the other). Big gravel and/or singletrack days are his jam. 

10 Tracks

10 Tracks with Teresa Maria

This week's 10 Tracks DJ is yours and my favorite TRex, Teresa Maria. Teresa came to us from the great state of Florida to get smart, left us to get a little smarter and has since returned to Fort Collins since she's now super smart. She's a high alpine ride junky with a penchant for Spanish music. 

10 tracks, ryan mckee

10 Tracks with Ryan Mckee

The 101st DJ on 10 Tracks (over 1000 songs!) is none other than Ryan Mckee. Ryan’s another one of those damn midwestern kids that found their way to the Fort in the 90s to play bikes. Our guy Ralph Eberspacher gave him a job at Lee’s, in ’96.

10 Tracks for Malcolm Hall

This week's 10 Tracks is a very special one. It was submitted by Dwight Hall in remembrance of his youngest son, Malcolm. Malcolm passed away one year ago today leaving behind so many that love him. For the Halls, this is not a day they want to celebrate but it is a day they can’t ignore. Please join me in sending Dwight, Malcolm's mom Erin and his older brother Sinclair love and strength.

10 Tracks with Pat McCarty

We've got DJ Patty Mac come, come, comin' at this morning. Pat is the men's team director at Human Powered Health (formerly Rally Pro Cycling). Human Powered Health is a UCI-ProTeam cycling team, based in the United States but racing internationally. AKA, kind of a big deal

10 Tracks with Tayne Andrade

Alright, we're back to posting fresh content after Spring Break so it seems fitting to have a college kid get us back into the groove of things. Our DJ this week is Tayne Andrade. Tayne is a core member of the CSU Cycling Team and Team Rio Grande Racing.

10 Tracks with Jeremy Norris

Jeremy Norris is one of the few dirt monkeys willing and able to take on the roadies at Wednesday Night Worlds and he's our 10 Tracks DJ for this week. Jeremy came to us from Estes Park, via the Boulder Bubble, and has been in the Fort for the past two and a half years.

10 Tracks with Shifty

You might not know it but you love this man. This is Michael Schifferdecker, aka Shifty, aka the man that makes the SendTown bike races happen at New Belgium 12 times per year.

10 Tracks with James Bethea

As promised yesterday, here is James Bethea's 10 Tracks playlist. James is now a Pink Jeeps tour guide in Cottonwood AZ and races for Niner Bikes. If you'd like to learn more about what James is up to these days, check out his Whatever Happened to...? interview.