10 Tracks

Lets tune in weekly to hear what our fellow NoCo cyclists listen to when they riding, wrenching, driving and recovering. We have nearly 100 playlists and 1000 songs already streaming on YGR Radio.

Bike to School Day Playlist

It’s time to channel your inner @coachbalto and fire up that Bluetooth speaker for tomorrow’s Bike to School Day. We have a very special 46-song playlist compiled by local DJs @dj_jimeni and @jamtwoscoops. It’s available via Spotify below. Bike Bus leaders, feel free to BLAST this on your rides to school to get the kids amped up. It’s going to be sunny and 38 in the AM, so it's perfectly doable. Be sure to take lots of pics and videos and tag YGR.

10 Tracks with Jim McTernan

It's always awesome to have actual musicians or professional DJs here on 10 Tracks. This week we've got Jim McTernan coming at ya.  Jim, aka Jimeni, has been working clubs, shows, and raves as a DJ for the past 20 years.  He believes, "A quality DJ mix not only has good tracks in it but also it is blended track to track so that it becomes a singular piece of music. I find a good DJ mix just makes the time fly by and are great for long days out training."

10 Tracks with Alex Broyhill

Tune into the most recent 10 Tracks to hear what Alex Broyhill, the sales manager at the Fort Collins Trek shop, has on his playlist. Alex came to Fort Collins from Boone, NC, to run Trek North and took over as the sales manager when the shops were consolidated. Alex spent eight years in the Army before getting into the cycling industry nine years ago.

10 Tracks with Kat Steele

As we lean back into the 10 Tracks feature here at YGR, we welcome Kat Steele as our first DJ in a spell. Kat moved to Fort Collins eight months ago and has been very active in the scene, especially within the Women/Trans/Femme/Non-Binary space. Kat runs WTF Bike, which helps the previously mentioned and often marginalized riders "learn about all kinds of cycling, learn new skills, and develop communities where they are respected and accepted." Click to get to know more about Kat and take her playlist for a spin.

10 Tracks With Kyle Leto

After a brief hiatus, we're back with a fresh 10 Tracks episode. OMBA board member, Kyle Leto provided this week's playlist.  Kyle is a former D1 swimmer and professional triathlete who comes to us from San Jose CA, after a stint in Boulder, CO. These days he logs most of his miles on his Niner Jet 9 RDO. Kyle is a Medical Sales Representative at Biotronik and has lived in Fort Collins for nine years.

10 Tracks For Ralph Eberspacher

This week's 10 Tracks is in memory of our good friend Ralph Eberspacher who would have been 56 today. The playlist was compiled by some of Ralph's closest friends, affectionately known as the Path Lords, due to their propensity for urban hijix on Fort Collins' paths and trails.

10 Tracks With Brad Piepenbrink

his week's 10 Tracks DJ is Brad Piepenbrink. Brad and his wife Krista bought Recycled Cycles and moved to Fort Collins two years ago. Since making the move they've fully embraced the Fort Collins lifestyle, they're a one car family that does most of their work, school, pool and brewery runs by bike.   You'll often see them bombing around town with their two kids dangling out of their Yuba Supercargo CL e bike.  They've also become among the most active shop owners in the Fort Collins cycling scene.

10 Tracks with Jon Guerdrum

This week's playlist was provided by Jon Guerdrum, Overland Mountain Bike Association's current Board of Directors President.  Originally from Albuquerque, NM, Jon is a staff engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific. The accomplished artist who designed the Overland Trail Beer label, poster, and tap has been riding NoCo trails for 12 years.

10 Tracks With Alfred Querubin

This week's 10 Tracks DJ is equally comfortable at the skate park as he is throwing down sprints during the local road group rides. Alfred Querubin moved to Fort Collins from Manila, Philippines, in 2003, graduated from CSU in 2015 and now works remotely for Tricentis as a Senior Solutions Architect. 

Dylan Canfield on a recent unipacking trip

10 Tracks with Dylan Canfield

This week is Dylan Canfield week here at YGR. We've got him as a DJ on 10 Tracks today, and we'll review his mountain unicycle tomorrow on Ride Review. I've been seeing Dylan ride his unicycle at the Sendtown races for a few years but finally got to know him a little this Fall when my three kids and I took the Sendtown Cyclocross program (Five stars. Would recommend.) that he leads.  The short track and cyclocross races at New Belgium are actually pretty mild compared to some of the other stuff Dylan rides. The Four Seasons of Horsetooth Mountain Bike Challenge (3 hrs 38 min), 200+ mile seven-day unipacking trips, Porcupine Rim, North Shore... Dude's crazy. Learn more about his exploits and give his playlist a listen, and be sure to check out his mountain unicycle review tomorrow.

10 Tracks with Collin Zimmerman

Our resident expert on drafting is this week's 10 Tracks DJ. Collin Zimmerman comes to us from the great state of Tennessee and is an Engineer at CPP Wind Engineering in Windsor. When things get hard on local group rides, Collin usually has something to do with it. It's even worse now that he has dad watts.