Fort Collins Group Rides

Whether you're a diehard mountain biker, roadie, gravel rider or dabble in a little of everything, Fort Collins has a group ride for you. Details on all types of rides can be found below.

Road Group Rides

RioCovery Ride

Time: May-August @ Monday PM
Pace: Recovery Pace
These are great ways to spin the legs out and exchange war stories after a hard weekend of racing. Be sure to head back to the afterward Rio for a world-famous recovery marg.


Time: All Season @ Tuesday & Thursday AM
Pace: Race Pace-A
One of the hardest mid-day, mid-week group rides you're going to find in the state. It's not uncommon to find pros and Nationally ranked Masters on this ride.


Time: Has not resumed for 2023
Pace: Race Pace- A
If you're competitive in the 1s, 2s, 3s or a 4 looking to learn from faster riders, this is the ride for you. The pace is similar to TTH but the courses are longer. In 2020 a new start location was added along with more courses and a new format.


Time: March-Mid Oct @Wednesday PM
Pace: Race Pace- B+/B
Similar to SOR this is a great alternative to Wednesday Worlds. Great courses and well organized.

The Oval

Time: November-April @ Saturday AM
Pace: Race Race Pace- A
The legendary Oval...a great race pace group ride that has been instrumental in developing race fitness and teaching 1000s of cyclists how to suffer on the bike.


Time: All season @ Saturday AM
Pace: Race Pace- B/B+
A great group ride that does a wide variety of courses. Not quite as spicey as the Oval but still good hard training with a great group of people.

Rio-Base Mile Ride

Time: January-May @ Sunday AM
Pace: Base (Chill)
This ride is a great way to start base building for the upcoming season: a great bunch of people, long, slow, and chill (and chilly).

Gravel Group Rides

Fort Collins Gravel People

Time: Spring, Summer Fall @Tues PM
Pace: Conversational Pace
Join us for fun and only slightly spicy rides on Tuesday nights. Expect a 13-14 MPH average pace with 1-2 re-groups per ride. We aim to keep the stoke high and the jerks out.

NoCo Gravel Stage Race

Event Type: Gravel Stage Race
Time of Year: Spring/Summer
The NCGSR is a free, Strava-based gravel stage race that takes place during the Spring and Summer in Larimer and Weld counties. The goal of these races is to "create a grassroots gravel event that creates a welcoming and supportive environment where people can challenge themselves, explore Northern Colorado roads, and get involved with a community of like-mined riders."

FoCo Fondo Training Rides

Event Type: Gravel Group Ride
Time of Year: Winter, Spring, Summer
Whit and Zack with Bike Sports are hosting training rides leading into this summer's FoCo Fondo. The series includes a women's only weekend, a beginners clinic, on-your-own rides and gravel group rides. The rides are free, but you must sign a waiver. The Fondo takes place on July 21st, 2024.

Sunday Gravel Confessions

Time: All Season @ Sunday AM
Pace: Conversational Pace
Rain, snow, or shine, you can bet we're gonna ride! Join us on Sunday mornings for our weekly gravel group ride. We'll explore 25-35 miles on gravel and pavement terrain. This ride is the perfect opportunity for intermediate riders to get some mile and elevation gains in. The ride isn’t no drop, rather, riders will be able to ride with similarly paced riders. We'll do our best to post the route a few days before the ride to give you time to familiarize yourself with the route.

MTB Group Rides

OMBA Singletrack Social

Via Overland Mountain Bike Association "We call our Wednesday night group ride a “social” because that’s our intent. We want the ride to be casual. We want all levels of riders to feel welcome. We want you to have a good time."

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