Looking for a great advertising niche? YGR might be the perfect place.

As you know, Fort Collins is one of the premier cycling communities in the nation and is considered to have one the most active grassroots racing scenes in the country. YGR has become an integral part of that scene. The site started out as a public service in 2008 and is now my full-time job and passion. The site is updated daily with fresh, local cycling information.  Over a decade after its inception, YGR has established itself as the primary source of information for Northern Colorado cyclists and has a massive, intelligent, affluent, loyal, and enthusiastic following.

The vast majority of  YGR advertisers have had such great success that they have been renewing their ads for five or more years and several have been on YGR since day one. Names like The Rio, New Belgium, 1st City Mortgage, VeloFix, State Farm, Keller Williams and Spex Optical have continuously renewed ad space year after year.  Doctor Matthew Skrdla with Spex Optical attributed YGR with 52 referrals in one year alone.

As I mentioned, and as I’m sure you know, cyclists are a very loyal demographic.  When they see a business specifically catering to them and supporting the local scene, they will definitely choose that business over the competition. In a recent online poll performed by Grant Vanhoose for YGR, 94% of respondents said they were more likely to buy product(s) from a company that sponsors cycling in some form. In a sea of realtors, Mike Weber has carved out a very successful niche by catering to cyclists. The same can be said for Doctor Matthew Skrdla at Spex Optical and Ronny Bush with State Farm. All three have been advertising on YGR for years and would be happy to discuss the benefits with you.

Here is a quick list of contributions YGR and I make to the cycling community aside from just covering the news and events.

  • Over the past two years we’ve worked with Bike Fort Collins, Wish For Wheels and Velofix to provide nearly 1000 bikes to PSD 2nd graders. We’re hoping to add 400 more next year.
  • We voiced our opposition to and raised awareness of the closing of the Better Than The Road trail which ultimately led to the county changing course and reopening the trail.
  • We worked with Bike Fort Collins, the Scott Ellis Memorial Fund, CDOT and Larimer County to have nearly 80 3′ to Pass and Bikes May Use Full Lane signs installed in Larimer County.
  • YGR worked with Fort Collins Parks to create a seasonally permanent cyclocross skills course at Rossborough Park.
  • Founding parent and coach for Wolfpack Cycling.
  • Founding parent and coach for Webber Middle School’s MTB Club.
  • Founding member of the 2013 USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 6 local organizing committee.
  • Founding member of the US Grand Prix of Cyclocross New Belgium Cup local organizing committee.
  • 2013 USA Pro Challenge Stage 6 Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Advocate for safe cycling in Northern Colorado- Working closely with other community members, advocacy groups and leaders in efforts to make Northern Colorado a safer place to ride.
  • Advocate for more and better trails in Northern Colorado- Working closely with other community members, advocacy groups, and leaders in efforts to improve mountain biking in Northern Colorado.
  • YGR is the marketing platform for New Belgium Short Track, City Streets Crits, and New Belgium Cyclocross and many other grassroots cycling events.
  • YGR houses the all-inclusive Northern Colorado cycling calendar (races, rides, events and trail days).
  • Race director for 3 different midweek grassroots time trials series.
  • Ride organizer for the FREE Crazy Joe Cross series.
  • Event organizer for the FREE RioSwap bike swap.
  • Event organizer for numerous free cyclocross, time trial, MTB, criterium clinics and other cycling related seminars.
  • I also administer the Wounded Rider Program, a 501c3 nonprofit to help local cyclists that have been injured while racing/training.
  • First City Cycling Team manager. A 100+ member race team that contributes heavily to the local scene.
  • Administrator for the NoCo Cycling Facebook forum.

If you’d like more information on rates and packages please contact Dan Porter.