Welcome to Wolfpack Cycling!
This is a free, casual, parent-led cycling group for kids.  We try to ride once a week during the late Spring, Summer and early Fall.  Most rides take place at Pineridge Natural area but we do head to Bobcat, Soapstone and other green/blue trails on occasion. Rides often conclude with popsicles and sometimes pizza. The Wolves are mostly K-5th graders.  We have no restrictions on ability but the responsibility lies on the parent to keep track of their children when riding and deciding their route. As a parent, you must attend and ride with your child.
Having multiple groups presents opportunities for kids to grow and build their skills so they can ascend the ranks. Bike riding is an inherently dangerous activity. Please be aware of the route and know the terrain. The group routes are suggestions so please know your child’s ability and judge accordingly. If you or your child DO NOT feel comfortable, please DO NOT proceed!
The plan is to have fun, be safe, and make new friends – IF YOU ARE NOT SMILING, YOU ARE NOT HAVING FUN!
Come out and learn the call of the Wolfpack. We are not quiet and want people to know who we are!
Weekly rides will be posted by designated ride leaders via our Google group.
Hope to see you out there,

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