Whatever Happened To…?

In this new feature we'll track down former Fort Collins cycling scene members to see what they're up to these days. We'll learn what they miss about Fort Collins, how their riding looks today and much more.

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What Happened to Chris Stockburger

If you raced road or 'cross in Colorado in the early to mid-2000s, you undoubtedly had your ass handed to you by junior racer, Chris Stockburger. Chris is back in town and still riding although not quite like he used to. 

What Happened to Paul Eaton?

The first time I remember meeting Paul Eaton would have been around 2011 when he and Mıkheıl Moucharrafıe (added to the Whatever Happened to...list) showed up to a YGR time trial along the dams on fixies.

What Happened to James Bethea?

James Bethea hasn't been gone from the Fort Collins cycling scene for that long but he kinda snuck off in the middle of COVID so I figured we should track him down to see where he got off to and to see what he's been up to lately. 

What Happened to Eddy Gragus?

What a great photo, eh? This week YGR tracked down former Fort Collins roadie, Eddy Gragus. Eddy lived in Fort Collins from 1997 until 2007,  during what I would consider the tail end of the golden age of Fort Collins road racing.  His most notable accomplishment would be winning the 1996 USPRO National Road Race Championships in Philadelphia with the US Postal Service.

What Happened to Georgia Gould?

Georgia Gould and her hubs, Dusty LaBarr, called Fort Collins home for over a decade. During her tenure here she won multiple mtb National Championships, finished 2nd to Katie Compton at Cyclocross Nationals on four separate occasions and finished 3rd at both the Olympics and World Championships. She is among the best cyclists the United States has ever produced. She also became a mother, was among the first to advocate for equal payouts between men and women cyclists.

What Happened to Stewart Pomeroy?

Welcome to "Whatever happened to...", the newest feature on YGR where we track down former characters of the Northern Colorado cycling scene to see what they're up to today. We're going to kick things off with our ol' pal Stewart Pomeroy.