The YGR Time Trials have been happening on generally the same courses just outside Fort Collins, CO, since 2009. The individual time trials are open to everyone and all abilities with categories for tt bikes, mass start legal road bikes and mtb/cx/gravel bikes. The courses range from pretty flat to hilly as hell. The Taft Hill (17 miles) course is pretty flat, while both the Double Damn Dams (12 miles) and Horsetooth (17 miles) courses are hilly as hell. Time on course is, of course, dependent on fitness but ranges from 40 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The 2024 edition of the YGR Time Trial Series is presented by Café Vino. Owner Richard Taranow is a lifelong Fort Collins cyclist and has supported local cycling in many ways, including decades of CSU Rams Cycling sponsorship.

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I’m currently working on weekly product sponsors, so stay tuned for updates.


April 2024: Tuesdays

  • April 9th: Horsetooth Time Trial
  • April 16th: Taft Hill Time Trial
  • April 23rd: Double Damn Dams

June/July 2024: Tuesdays 

  • June 18th: Horsetooth Time Trial
  • June 25th: Taft Hill Time Trial
  • July 2nd: Double Damn Dams Time Trial

August 2024: Tuesdays 

  • August 13th: Horsetooth Time Trial
  • August 20th: Taft Hill Time Trial
  • August 27th: Double Damn Dams Time Trial


All ages, genders, abilities, and bikes are welcome. Grassroots time trials are great introductions to bike racing, and YGR doesn’t tolerate any jackassery, so come race your bike in a competitive yet fun environment.

  • Male, female, and non-binary categories include Eddy Merckx (mass start legal bikes). Aero (anything goes). Kerkove Kategory (mtb, cyclocross and gravel bikes with knobby tires). Full category descriptions can be found below.
  • Registration will open on YGR the day before each race.
  • Registration is online only and closes at 4:00 pm on race day.
  • The cost is $10.00 for most of you, and $5.00 for college kids/unemployed. Juniors race free.
  • Results can be found on YGR shortly after each race (see below).
  • First rider off at 5:30.
  • Start order is announced at the start line on race day.
  • YGR will provide a number or you can bring your own. Try to use the same number every week if possible.
  • The YGR car will be at the start and will be able to transport warm clothing, food, water and bike lights from the start to the finish.
  • Bike lights are encouraged for the ride home depending on time of year.
  • Please don’t do anything to piss off motorists, landowners, or law enforcement. Drafting cars, turning in front of cars, peeing on stuff, fooling around on the course, smoking grass, poor language… it just makes my job more difficult and it could make the races impossible to host.
  • It is your responsibility to know where the start, turnaround, and finish are.  There might not be a volunteer at the turnaround every week.
  • Volunteers at the turnarounds are not there to stop traffic. They’re there to indicate where the turnaround is and perhaps stop you from turning in front of a car. It is your responsibility to navigate the turnaround without; A) getting run over or B) pissing anyone off.
  • Orange paint on the concrete will indicate the start line, turnaround and finish.


Registration is online only and will open here the day before each race and will close at 4:00 pm on race day.


Results will be posted here shortly after the race, usually the same day.



Horsetooth Time Trial

The course is a very hilly 14.35 mile out and back.

  • The start is just West of the intersection of Harmony Road and Taft Hill Road. West of JJ’s Gas Station. Google Maps Image.
  • The turnaround is at the entrance to the Buckhorn Ranch subdivision.  Google Maps Image.
  • The finish is just west of the Horsetooth Mountain Park Parking lot.  You will ride right past it on your way out.  Google Maps Image


  • Absolutely no parking at the finish.
  • Once you’re done racing please head home or to the HTMP parking lot. Its a pretty congested area so we can have people hanging out at the finish line.
  • Don’t draft or pass cars on the descents even if they’re slowing you down.  If you have an issue I am happy to deduct a reasonable amount of time from your race to make up for it.
  • Ride as far to the right as you feel safe. You are not however required to ride in the gutter on the descents. Take the lane if you feel safer doing so.
  • Don’t hang out on the shoulder at the finish line. Even worse, don’t hang out on BOTH shoulders at the finish line.  It freaks drivers out something fierce when they come around that curve to find people standing all over the place.  I don’t mean to be a jerk but please get your stuff and get rolling.  The mountain park is a great place to recap your race.
  • Bring lights and warm clothes for the ride home. You can toss them in the YGR car before the race.

Taft Hill Time Trial

The course is a mostly flat, mostly out and back.  Be sure to check the map because the finish is NOT the same as the start.  A classic 16.76-mile long time trial course. Almost the entire length of Taft has new tarmac so it’s nice and smooth and fast.

Paved Route

Gravel Route

Paved Notes

  • The start is just where Highway 287 crosses over Taft Hill Road, North of Fort Collins. We meet under the overpass. Google Maps Image
  • The turnaround is at the roundabout at the intersection of Taft Hill Road and Owl Canyon Road.  Google Maps Image
  • The finish is at the crest of the cement plant climb. Google Maps Image 

Gravel Notes

  • The start is just where Highway 287 crosses over Taft Hill Road, North of Fort Collins. We meet under the overpass. Google Maps Image
  • Right at CR64, left on CR17, left on CR66, CAREFULLY cross Taft Hill, left on CR21, left on CR60E, CAREFULLY turn right on Taft Hill.
  • The finish is at the crest of the cement plant climb. Google Maps Image 


  •  A couple of the landowners near the start line are particularly unimpressed with us so it’s imperative that we conduct ourselves in a positive manner.  On this course especially, don’t park or pee anywhere near the start line!  There is plenty of parking at the finish.  You can also park on Cache La Poudre Drive if you must drive out. Please tell friends and family not to park or hang out at the start. For real, the old Marine out there doesn’t like us.

Double Dam Damns Time Trial

The course takes place on the East side of Horsetooth Reservoir and is very hilly.  Be sure to check the map because the finish is NOT the same as the start.  It’s only 12 miles long but it’s going to leave a mark.

  • The start is near the corner of Dixon Canyon Rd and Overland Trail (Near the old Hughes Stadium site). Google Maps Image
  • The turnaround is the Entering Bellevue sign on Centennial Road just before the Bingham Hill intersection Google Images map.
  • The finish is at the crest of the Stadium Hill Climb, at the mailboxes. Google Maps Image


  • No real issues at the start or finish of this one but for the love of peter be careful at the turnaround and on the descents.


  • Eddy Merckx- This category is named after the great Belgian cyclist, Eddy Merckx. Merckx won 450 races, 35% of the races he entered. Racers in this category can only race on standard ‘mass start legal’ road bikes. Aero bars, disc wheels, time trial helmets are not allowed. Skinsuits and shoe covers are ok.
  • Aero- The Aero category allows for any type of time trial, triathlon bike or road bike with aero components. The more aerodynamic the better.  Aero bars, disc wheels, aero helmets, skinsuits and shoe covers are encouraged. Break out the fancy stuff.
  • Kerkove- The Kerkove Kategory is named for former Fort Collins resident, Jeff Kerkove.  Jeff had a tendency to attend the Oval, Wednesday Worlds and YGR Time Trials on his mountain bike. Racers in this category must race on mountain, cyclocross or gravel bike with knobby tires.