Time: Wednesdays @ 5:30 pm
Dates: March-August
Route/Miles: Varies, generally 2 hours

Status: has not resumed for 2024
Updates: NoCo Cycling Facebook page
Updated: 03/26/2024

The legendary Wednesday Night Worlds is entering a new era for 2020. Participation for the country’s oldest ‘Wednesday Worlds‘ (probably) had ebbed and flowed over the years but 2019 was particularly bad mostly due to increased traffic and road construction. These new conflicts coupled with old issues such as the start location, pace, and routes nearly killed the ride. 56 people filled out a survey put together by Joshua Krabbe to help the community better understand what we could do to improve the ride. According to that survey, people would be more likely to attend WNW if the route started closer to town, had a variety of routes and routes that allowed for shortcutting and/or regrouping after being dropped. On February 12th, 24 riders met at CooperSmiths to discuss the survey results and to come up with a plan where WNW remained as the hardest ride in Northern Colorado but also removed some of the less popular aspects of the ride. At that meeting, we decided to; have an in-town start location, develop 3-4 routes that either did shorter circuits allowing for regrouping or courses that allowed dropped riders to shortcut the course to rejoin. We committed to promoting the routes via social media ahead of time much like Curtis does with WOR. We also decided to eliminate the A and B paced groups as it didn’t lend itself to the new format as well. The two women in attendance were in favor of rolling out with the men. The new format should lend itself well to riders that do TTH on a regular basis or feel they have outgrown WOR.

Moving forward:

  • We’ll roll from Cottonwood Glen Park heading northbound on Overland Trail each week leaving at 5:00 or 5:30 (depending on time of year) and expect the group will grow as people merge up from cross-streets across town. We’re riding “neutral” in double paceline formation inside the bike lane until we cross 287 as a group. ( ≤ 25 mph ) Neutral simply means no attacking, we’ve generally been riding neutral until Wellington for years.
  • Routes will be posted ahead of time on the NoCo Cycling Facebook page.
  • One start group (no A/B groups).
  • Women will roll out with the men for the time being with hopes of developing a WWNWs. (as decided by the two women at the WNWs Summit)
  • Dropped riders are encouraged to rejoin the group by shortcutting the course, when lapped or at designated regroup spots.
  • Riders off the front that are delayed by traffic will be allowed to reestablish their gap.
  • Blowing stop signs when traffic is present will not be tolerated.
  • Rider safety is everyone’s responsibility as is the overall health of the ride. Please do your part to make this ride safe and fun (relatively speaking).