Resume April 3rd, 2024
Updates- Overland Mountain Mike Association Facebook Page
Updated 03/26/2024
Be sure to check the Overland calendar or Facebook Page for specific times and locations.

  • MTB
  • March-August
  • A and B groups
  • Wednesday PM (times and start locations vary based on daylight)

Via Overland Mountain Bike Association:

We call our Wednesday night group ride a “social” because that’s our intent. We want the ride to be casual. We want all levels of riders to feel welcome. We want you to have a good time. We have a few guidelines we follow to make sure this happens:

  1. We split up into ability groups.
  2. Someone from the club always sweeps.
  3. We stop. We chat. We catch our breath.
  4. We encourage each other.
  5. We always yield to others and use exceptional trail etiquette.
  6. We don’t “drop” anyone.
  7. We always socialize afterwards. (If we are at someone’s house, please bring something to share.)
  8. Rides are always weather dependent and trail condition dependent. If it’s not raining but it rained the day before and the trails are sloppy, we won’t ride.