It’s always awesome to have actual musicians or professional DJs here on 10 Tracks. This week we’ve got Jim McTernan coming at ya.  Jim, aka Jimeni, has been working clubs, shows, and raves as a DJ for the past 20 years.  He believes, “A quality DJ mix not only has good tracks in it but also it is blended track to track so that it becomes a singular piece of music. I find a good DJ mix just makes the time fly by and are great for long days out training.” Scroll down to learn a little more about Jim and give his YGR 10 Tracks playlist a listen. You can also see him live at the VeLoco Gold Sprints on April 13th and at FoCo MX on April 20th 

Professional DJ, and aspiring producer….I am just a person who loves music and the effects it has on the soul. I love DEEP BASS, catchy synths, glitched out drums, and ill scratches. If you feel the same, then check out some of my mixes and tracks.

One love,

When do you listen to these? Riding
Favorite bike? Niner RLT
Favorite ride? Spring Creek Trail up to Horsetooth Reservoir to Blue Sky Parking Lot. Then West Valley Trail through Lory, to Bingham Hill and then Poudre River Trail back home.
Preferred style of riding? Gravel, road, some MTB and the occasional bike packing trip
Years in NoCo? 15
Employer/title/years there? Pinion, 6 months
Hometown? Stillwater, OK
How do you take your coffee? Black x 3 cups
Who influenced your taste in music? My friend Ryan and brother Mike as well as following favorite DJs of mine like DJ Z-Trip, DJ Shadow, Scratch Bastid, DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier

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