Remote Geo San RemoNot only does Fort Collins have an Elite Team to rally behind again (Rio) but for the first time ever, we’ve got a super masters team.

Late last season, many of the best racers in the area who also happen to be masters got together to form the Remote Geo Cycling Team. Anyone that’s ever done the Oval, TTH or Worlds knows we have some of the fastest old guys in the state right here in the Fort. I mean, Worlds is practically a master’s ride.

Unfortunately those racers had been spread throughout multiple teams, Rio, FCCT, Lee’s etc… Finally, many of them will be racing under the same black kit of Remote Geo.  The seven racer squad includes heavy hitters; Matthew Blakely, Dane Emde, Mike Hegdal, Greg Scanlan, Walter Durrer, Brad Loyd and Matthew Skrdla. Team managers, Walter, Brad and Matt will lead the guys to success at Colorado road races, with a specific focus on the Steamboat Stage Race.  Several riders will make the journey to race the TT, TTT, crit and road race at Masters Nationals in Columbia County, Ga in June. Colorado Masters, take note. 

The team’s title sponsor, Remote Geo designs and builds Geospatial Video Recording Systems and Mapping Software for energy corridor patrols and other grid and infrastructure inspection applications. 

The team is also sponsored by Matador Mexican Grill, Spex Vision Care, VeloFix, TST, Source Endurance Training Center of the Rockies, Castelli, Hagman Homes, Suckit Up Carpet Cleaning, ProTech Heating and Plumbing.

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