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Here is the information on the 2018/2019 WinterRalleye Gravel Ride Series. 

These rides are free and open to anyone and can be ridden on any bike they feel comfortable riding on pavement, gravel, double track and carrying over snow drifts.  Contact Colin Pinney at: colin{at} or head over to


Disclaimer for the Winter Ralleye 
Reminder: The Winter Ralleye is just a group of friends out for a ride when most stay home or go skiing. These are self-supported rides; there are no support vehicles or supported rest areas. There is no entry fee, no registration, no UCI points, and no prize money. The suggested route is an open course and should be treated as shuch. Obey all traffic laws. Don’t break the law. 


This Seasons dates are as follows:

Wycolo Border Patrol

Sunday November 11th 2018 at 7:00 am at Me Oh My Pie in LaPorte, CO.  Rolling at 7:30 AM.  Meet up after the ride at Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publik House.

Pennock Pedaling Pow-wow 

Saturday  December 8th 2018 at 6:30 AM at The Bean Cycle ~ 95 miles through Buckhorn and Poudre Canyons.

Two Days of Cold Toes

Saturday January 12th and Sunday January 13th  2019 meeting at Swing Station at Noon and roll at at 1:00pm to go camping up the Poudre Canyon

The North County Roller

Saturday February 16th 2019meeting at Bean Cycle at 7:00 and rolling at 7:30am Counter Clockwise loop north of FoCo. ~ 80 miles no food or water on route.  Meet up after the ride at Brave New Wheel

Weld County Waltz

Sunday March 24th 2019 meeting at Bean Cycle at 7:00 and rolling at 7:30am. Heading out east on gravel roads between 50 and 95 miles, weather dependent. Meet up after the ride at Road 34.

Prairie Fireball Overnight

 Saturday April 27st and Sunday April 28nd 2019 meeting at Bean Cycle at 8:00 rolling at 8:30. Appoximatly 50 to 150 miles depending on weather.  Route TBD.