Fort Collins’ 32 annual Bike to Work Day is coming up on Wednesday, June 26th. Nealy 70 breakfast stations, many with free mechanics, will be located throughout the city. The stations will be open from 6:30 am until 9:30 am. 

In 2018, more than 5,800 people rode to work on BIke to Work Day. Just shy of 2017’s record-setting 6,009 people who rode in. 

Are you looking for stations with breakfast suitable for dietary restrictions? See below. Station numbers correspond the numbers on the official Station Map.

Vegetarian: Salud #4, Clay Pot Creative #11, CSU #12, Snooze #22, Advanced Energy #37, Natural Health Associates #48, Eyecare Assoc. #49, and Better Business Bureau #56.

Vegan: Old Town Square #24, Growcentia #29, Natural Health Assoc. #48, and Better Business Bureau #56.

Gluten Free: Old Town Square #24, Growcentia #29, Whole Foods Market #46, Natural Health Assoc. #48, and Better Business Bureau #56.

Dairy Free: Natural Health Assoc. #48

This list is not exhaustive. Other stations may provide breakfast suitable for dietary restrictions.

According to YGR advertiser, Mike Weber with Keller Williams “The event lasts 3 hours and there are 69 stations, so if you want to hit them all you have only 2 minutes and 37 seconds for each station, including travel time between stations. Plan your route carefully!”

Official Bike to Work Day Map

Previous Years Attendance Records
2018: 5,800 riders

2017: 6,009

2016: 5,177

2015: 4,995

2014: 4,483

2013: 3,551

2012: 3,082

2011: 3,509