2022 colorado state time trial championship
Matt Skrdla on his way to winning the MM 50+ 1-2-3 and setting the second-fastest time of the day. Photo by Brent Murphy.

Northern Colorado had 14 racers take part in the John Stenner Memorial Colorado State Time Trial Championship on Sunday in Keensburg. Eight of those riders finished in the top 3 with Charlie Mohr, Matthew Skrdla, George Simpson, and Victoria Dippold all taking wins. There were 147 racers in 2022. 241 in 2019.

George set the fastest time of the day at 0:45:47.035 followed by Matt with a time of 0:48:41.851.

Tori Dippold set the fastest time for the ladies at 0:54:08.056.

Brent Murphy Photos can be found here

Full results here

NoCo Results here:

JM 11-12 1 0:19:33 Charlie Mohr Boulder Junior Cycling FORT COLLINS
JM 13-14 2 0:15:50 Desmond Mohr Boulder Junior Cycling FORT COLLINS
M Retro 1-2-3 6 0:32:01 Pete J Mohr Unattached FORT COLLINS
MM 40+ 4 6 1:02:50 Josh Speiser Unattached JOHNSTOWN
MM 50+ 1-2-3 1 0:48:42 Matthew Skrdla Unattached FORT COLLINS
MM 50+ 1-2-3 3 0:50:54 Michael Williams Great Divide Brewing Company FORT COLLINS
MM 50+ 4 6 0:57:43 Chris Deigert Unattached FORT COLLINS
MM 50+ 4 14 1:01:41 Mick Occhiato NCCP/ 1st City Cycling Team FORT COLLINS
MM 60+ 2 0:54:10 James Dickerson Great Divide Brewing Company FORT COLLINS
MM 70+ 7 0:31:20 Tony Riccio Wholesome Masters Racing Team FORT COLLINS
MW 40+ 3 1:11:02 Chris Gunderson Old School Industries LOVELAND
SM 1-2 1 0:45:47 George Simpson Project Echelon Racing FORT COLLINS
SM 1-2 7 0:51:29 Sean Burke Ardor Racing fort collins
SW 1-2 1 0:54:08 Victoria Dippold Unattached Fort Collins

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