Primary Focus:

Road Racing

Type of racer

Men’s Road Racing Team

Mission Statement

Ardor Racing is a race-oriented team focusing on elevating riders to and supporting them at, the highest echelons of amateur sport in the road, mountain, and cyclocross fields, while maintaining a reputation of sportsmanship, community focus, and tenacity on and off the racecourse.

2022 Team Press Release

And just like that it’s year two for Ardor Racing. We took off running in 2021 and racked up a number of podiums but continue to chase that first win. As was the goal, we’re rapidly transforming into a P12 team, focused on competing at the highest level of amateur cycling.

With that, we’re excited to welcome back Rocky Mountain Multisport and Vafels for 2022. Their support has been instrumental in our inaugural year and we’re thrilled that both are back for more.

New for 2022, and keeping with the “Colorado Proud” theme, Primal Wear has come onboard as our clothing supplier and sponsor. Though we’ll be competing against their self-titled team at the races, we’re ecstatic that the Denver-based company has seen enough potential in our team to make their support worthwhile.

Retaining a similar design to our 2021 kits, Primal has redesigned our clothes for the New Year – and we all think they look absolutely incredible. Hopefully, everyone else feels the same way about them!


Our 2022 roster includes a number of folks returning as well as a number of new signings. We can’t wait to see everyone mix it up at the front of races this year.


– Sean Burke

– Alex Johnson

– Ben Johnson

– Sebastian Sturges

– Dakota Troudt

– Kevin Young

New for 2022 (including mid-2021 signings)

– Stephen Bartels (2021 State Champion – Cat 3 Criterium)

– Michael Migler

– Judd Nutting

– Elliot Parcells

– Jeremy Paul

– Dominic Repucci (2021 State Champion – Cat 3 Road Race)

– Jonathan Royal


Rocky Mountain Multisport