Georgia worlds 2013








Rider Name Georgia Gould

Team Luna Pro Team 

Category Mtb, Cyclocross

Occupation cyclist

Age 33

Years in the Fort 7

Hometown Baltimore, Md

Type of Racer/Strengths Determined


YGR: As usual, between the mtb season and cross, you had a very long season,  How were your legs feeling going into Worlds?

  • : My legs were feeling good, I got some real quality training going into the weekend.

YGR:  After looking at results, where do you think you would have finished without the crash?

  • : I think I was definitely capable of a top-5

YGR: What happened in the crash?

  • : Right after the pavement, on a super-fast downhill section, there was a big patch of frozen ruts. It was 30 seconds into the race, so we were all in a big pack, and I couldn’t see what was coming up. All of a sudden everyone around me crashed. there was no where to go but down. Then my bike was tangled up in a couple other bikes and people. It was a real cluster.

YGR: I’m sure everyone in Fort Collins let out a whimper when they saw you and Meredith both tangled up in that crash.  Did you guys say anything to each other?

  • : I didn’t even know who else was involved in the crash, it just happened so fast all I could think of was “get up and go!”

YGR: Do you think the lack of racing in the lead up to Worlds helped or hurt your fitness?

  • : Helped

YGR: I know you’re always racing for the win, but where were you realistically looking to finish? Top 3?

  • : Yeah, i don’t think top- 3 was out of the question. Especially with the conditions the way they were- lots of crashes and mechanicals.

YGR: What did you think of the course?  Seemed pretty legit to me.

  • : Course was really good. It was challenging and had a little bit of everything. Not many places to rest and at least 4 times off the bike per lap. Legit.

YGR: How ‘bout those fans? I got goosebumps every time an American rode by.  The crowd just erupted.

  • : The crowd was AMAZING. Seriously.  I was just so disappointed that i couldn’t be up there at the front of the race.

YGR:  Do you have any different plans for cross next year?

  • : Wow, can’t a girl get an off-season? No, I haven’t started planning my cx season yet.

YGR: Will you ever concentrate 100% on cyclocross?

  • : Maybe. Right now, I really need to win a mtb world cup. That monkey on my back is getting heavy.

YGR: Any good heckles?

  • :  A few (though it was hard to hear over all the cheering!) One time, I got in the wrong rut and just about rode off the course into the metal fencing. Someone watching let me know “that’s not the line!” it made me laugh.

YGR:  Have you ever regretted the #heckleme campaign?

  • : not once.

YGR: Have there been any that were out of line?

  • : Nope. Some were pretty off-color, but there really is no “out of line” for me with jokes. That’s why they are jokes.

YGR: I heard you and Dusty picked up a new place in Northwestern FoCo.  How’s that working out?  Good prep for Worlds?

  • : Ok, maybe not ideal prep for worlds, but honestly sometimes real world stuff gets in the way. It’s been a lot of work, but i think it’s going to be really cool when it’s done. that said, it would be nice to have a kitchen.

YGR: Tell us about the chicken coop incident of 2013. 140 characters isn’t enough.

  • : Yeah… my husband built a new coop at our new house. it’s like the Hilton for chickens- it’s huge. but you can’t reach the latch from inside (you could on our old coop). So I had gotten up early to take dusty to the airport, got home, went to feed the chickens and out of habit closed the coop door behind me. luckily, I found a stick i was able to maneuver through the chicken wire to lift the latch. upside, I was safe from foxes and coyotes for a few minutes.

YGR: I also heard your roommate, Dusty, just signed a 4 year contract with Luna.  Looks like you’re stuck with him for at least that long. Does that mean Ryan Trebon is riding for Luna too?  It’s easy to joke about but I’m guessing it’s gonna be pretty nice for you guys to spend a little more time together during the season. How will it change things?

  • Well, Dusty only signed a 1 year contract with luna (as opposed to the lifetime contract he signed with me…)  Dusty was my first mechanic ever and it was be really nice to travel with him and have him at all the races. Even after all these year, I still like hanging out with the guy. And now he won’t have to use all his skills to help the competition (in the past he has worked for other mtb teams)! So that’s a plus.

YGR:  It’s finally the off season. How long is it and what do you have planned?

  • : Well, i’m planning on taking feb pretty easy. First priority is to get this house unpacked (and get a kitchen in it!). I haven’t planned anything. Feb is my no plan month. Ill start training again in march.

YGR: What will be your first race back?

  • : Sea Otter