After testing the waters by working for other coaching companies, local cycling coach, Ainslie MacEachran, is relaunching his personal coaching company, Gemini Training Systems.  Read the press release below for full details. 

For Immediate Release:

Gemini Training Systems, cycling and endurance sports coaching experts, will once again be opening its doors to bring the best personalized training and coaching services to its clients this month.

After a brief hiatus to pursue other coaching opportunities, Ft Collins, CO based Gemini Training Systems Owner, Ainslie MacEachran, announced the reopening of GTS.

“I’ve realized, after pursuing some partnerships with other coaching organizations, that for me to best serve my athletes, I had to be completely dedicated to them solely and not to the success of another coaching organization,” MacEachran said. “For me, coaching has always been about unlimited contact with my athletes, personalized attention to each of their circumstances, and a dedication to working together to get the most out of their performance.”

GTS will focus on working with elite and master’s racers trying to get to the next level of performance and will continue to seek opportunities to give back to the community by volunteering time to work with junior athletes.


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