Via Boo Bicycles.

There is a growing crispness to the air and the attention of racers and fans alike is turning away from summer criteriums and mountain bike races and towards thoughts of the mud and barriers of cyclocross. With the season about to begin, Boo Bicycles and TrainingPeaks are excited to announce co-sponsorship of a professional cyclocross team for the 2013-2014 season. The collaboration has roots in a natural pairing of Boo’s experience making high-end bicycles raced at the UCI level for the past four years with Training Peaks’ capacity to help coaches and athletes maximize their training effectiveness. With great bikes, good training, and promising riders, the outlook for the season is good!

The team will be based around young and promising Colorado riders Skyler Trujillo and Rotem Ishay. Both riders are focused on taking their racing to a higher level over the course of the season with a schedule that will take them out of their natural Colorado habitat and to UCI races all over the country. Though the racing will be tough, expect both to adapt and thrive. Last year, Skyler caught the nation’s attention by being selected to race in the U23 Cyclocross World Championships last February in Louisville, KY, a feat he has his eyes set on repeating this year. Though Rotem raced a more regional cyclocross schedule last year, he had strong results against local professionals and has three medals from Collegiate Mountain Bike and Cyclocross Nationals to his name in the last year alone. Though a full schedule of UCI races will feel “like being thrown into a rink with lions,” both riders are eager to tame their competitors.

But, if you thought this was just about the racing, you would be sorely mistaken. The team’s racing schedule will dovetail with three major trips by the Boo Bus and its mobile demo program. As the team crisscrosses the country, the Bus will be there with them, making stops at bike shops across the country with a fleet of demo bikes and the same crew who put on a fun and successful demo program at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in August. The Boo Bus will meet up with the team at races and set up camp with demo bikes, food, beer, a large-screen TV, and a full pit crew servicing not only team riders but also providing service course assistance to amateur racers and other fans. Cycloross – and cycling – are about more than just the pro races, and a major goal for the team is to make a positive impact with other racers, spectators, dealers, promoters, press, announcers, and companies.

The schedule for the team hits many of the biggest UCI races in the country, starting at Cross Vegas and running all through Nationals in January. Keep your eye out for Rotem, Skyler, and the Boo Bus at a race near you. And when you do see us, don’t be shy – come stop by and visit!

9/18                Cross Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)
10/5                Frisco Cross (Frisco, CO)
10/6                Primalpalooza (Golden, CO)
10/12              Colorado Cross Classic (Boulder, CO)
10/13              Boulder Cup (Boulder, CO)
10/19 – 10/20  Cross of the North (Fort Collins, CO)
11/1 – 11/3      Cincy3 (Cincinnati, OH)
11/9 – 11/10    Derby City Cup (Louisville, KY)
11/15 – 11/17   Jingle Cross (Iowa City, IA)
11/30 – 12/1    LACX (Los Angeles, CA)
12/7 – 12/8      Deschutes Cup (Bend, OR)
1/11 – 1/12      USA National Championships (Boulder, CO)