CyclingBrannanLocal up and comer (perhaps he’s past that), Brannan Fix, leaves today (Monday 12/15/2014) for Belgium. The 17 year old will be competing in the Christmas week of racing in Belgium aboard his Fort Collins based bamboo bikes made by Boo Bicycles.

Here’s details on his trip and season thus far from his blog. 


Without hesitation I can truly say that this season has been my best so far, and it’s only about to get better; It’s official, I’m getting the opportunity to fulfill my dream of racing in Belgium and representing the United States while overseas.

Lets back up a little bit in time since I haven’t posted on my blog recently (senior year stuff happening) and recap how I got to this point in the season. The season started for me in October in Providence, RI where I raced to 12th and 10th place with a broken wrist. From there things could only get better in November and I finished 6th in Cincinnati on Saturday after a rolled tubular took me out of the running for a top 5. The effort I did on Saturday came back to bite me on Sunday for Pan-American Championships and I finished a respectable 9th place. After Cincinnati I had the opportunity to stay in the Ohio River Valley for a week and do some great riding there with my dad and friend Kasey. The next weekend we raced in Louisville where I finished 5th on Saturday and then another rolled tubular put me in 9th on Sunday. Some poor luck left me looking for more, but my results were still better than anytime last year. The next big race I did was in Los Angeles which is always a great experience and the weather is always wonderful. I finished 2nd both days in LA, which pushed me up into the top 16 of the UCI World Ranking, and placed me 3rd in the USAC ProCX Calendar ranking for juniors. It has been a great season so far and I could not be more excited about what is coming next.

What comes next is traveling to Belgium for the USAC Cyclocross Development Program Block #3. I leave for Belgium on the 16th of December and remain there until the 2nd of January. While there I get the chance to do some of the most iconic cyclocross races, and truly experience what it is like to race in Europe with the best. I get to race in Essen on the 20th, Diegem on the 28th, Loenhout on the 30th, and Baal on the 1st of the year. I cannot be more thankful for this opportunity, and huge thanks goes out to USA Cycling, my family, all of my friends, my coach Andy Clark, and every single person in the cycling community that has supported me throughout my cycling career. Getting the chance to live my dream is more than I could ever hope for, and I will always represent the values that I’ve been taught as a bike racer and do my best to represent the United States in the best way possible.

Thank you to everyone, your support means everything.