Surface1According to the Larimer County website, county road 27 is set to open on Christmas Eve.  The road, a favorite among local cyclists, connects Masonville to Rist and Poudre Canyons.  “The Buckhorn” has been closed due to heavy damage from the September 2013 flash floods. For the time being, the 1.6 mile repaired section will be gravel. Construction will continue as weather allows through the winter and minor delays can be expected during the day. Since repairs began in June of 2014, three new bridges have been constructed, repairs to one existing bridge have been made, and the reconstruction of 1.6 miles of roadway through the “Narrows” is nearly complete. To accomplish the above work approximately 40,000 cubic yards of rock have been blasted and excavated, 30,000 cubic yards of riprap placed, 11,000 tons of base course and 10,000 tons of asphalt placed, and 2000 cubic yards of concrete poured.  With an estimated cost of $15,455,279.00.  FEMA will provide 75% of the funding for the project while the state Office of Emergency Management and the county will each provide 12.5%.  


Photos and figures via the Larimer County Website. 

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