With most racing suspended during the pandemic, Ciclismo Racing, a Fort Collins-based junior development team focusing on mountain biking, pivoted to build community. Andy Clark’s athletes supported each other while putting in 10-15 hours on the bike every week exploring our local trails. Instead of racing, 25 members of the team and staff used their fitness for an Everesting Challenge on Ford Hill. During the event, three athletes ‘summited Everest’, seven others did half or more of the height of Mount Everest. The fundraiser raised $4000.00 for the PhoenixWe are The Phoenix, and since 2006, our free sober active community has inspired more than 26,000 people across America to believe they have the strength to rise from the ashes of addiction through the support of those who are walking that very same path. – The Phoenix

The team spent over 200 hours doing trail construction and maintenance, helping to open the new Gold Standard trial in Curt Gowdy, resurfacing the pump track at Spring Canyon Park, and laying the groundwork for new trails at Lory State Park.  

During the 2020 season, 12 members of the Ciclismo Racing Community lettered in high school mountain biking at Rocky Mountain High School. 

The team is still conducting socially distanced practices and is taking part in the abbreviated cyclocross season. 

Coach Andy provided the following video capturing the 2020 Ciclismo Racing Experience. 

As the bizarre 2020 season comes to a close, the team is already preparing for the 2021 season. You can find the full programming schedule below. 

Registration links will be posted to http://ciclismocoaching.bike/ when they open. 

Strength and Endurance Program


Jan 12- March 19

Registration Opens December 1st

$700 10 spots available

2 practices per week doing strength work at AC’s gym in 4 groups of 2-3 athletes

Tue/Thurs 4:15-5:15 or 5:30-6:30pm or

Wed/Fri 4:15-5:15 or 5:30-6:30pm

Athletes will have a Wahoo smart trainer for the duration of the program

Training Peaks Account

This program is a combination of trainer work, strength training, and endurance riding with the goal of coming into spring break fit for racing or a family adventure!

We will be in pods of 2-3 athletes with COVID 19 protocols

MTB Racing Program

April 3- July 18

Registration Opens February 1st

$1200 18 spots available

Focusing on Athlete Development, National Championships, 2 travel races

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, practice schedule + races

Training Peaks Account with ongoing training and monitoring

Coaches AC, Brannon Fix, Jeremy Norris

Middle School Development Program

3 one month sessions, 2 days per week

May 3- 26 MTB practice

June 7- 30 MTB practice

July 5- 28 MTB practice

Registration Opens April 1

15 spots per session

$225 month

4-week program, practices Monday/ Wednesday 5-6:30pm

For middle school athletes to develop mtb skills and fitness

Coached by AC, Elite HS athletes, with one adult ride along with each group

High School MTB Program

Aug 3- Oct 23

Rocky High School MTB program $800

Open to as many Rocky athletes that register

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday practice schedule + 4 races and state championships

Coaches by AC, Jeremy Jonson, Shawn Pollock +

Registration Opens May 1st

Open High School Practice program $800

18 spots available

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday practice schedule + 4 races and state championships

Training Peaks Account with ongoing training and monitoring

This program is designed for those athletes that don’t go to Rocky that want to be part of the Ciclismo famiglia

Coached by AC, Brannon Fix, Jeremy Norris

Registration Opens May 1st

Cyclocross Practice Program

November 2- Dec 15

Registration Oct 1st

12 spots $250

Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-6pm from Olander

The program’s goal is to develop cyclocross skills and a fun way to keep fitness.

Weekend races building to the State and Nationals Championships

Lights are required

Coached by Andy Clark and Brannon Fix