wicks sceneThe Coloradoan is doing a great job covering and following up on the Wicks hit-and-run.  If you haven’t read their 4 part series, I encourage you to do so.


They will also be hosting a cycling forum on Feb 16th. 

From the Coloradoan: 


Driving is a privilege Coloradans are accustomed to. For many, so is cycling.

Nearly one in 10 motorists in 2014 fled the scene when those two worlds collided, prompting a call for license reform from one cyclist who was left for dead on the side of a road.

The Coloradoan beginning Feb. 8 will share a man’s monthslong recovery in a multimedia project in print and online.

At this Feb. 16 community forum, Insiders will get the opportunity to hear from the cyclist, his family, bike advocates and lawmakers as they navigate the intricacies of reforming Colorado driving laws and what more can be done to protect riders, runners and pedestrians.

Join the subject of the story, Jeff Wicks, along with his wife as they discuss how this crash changed their life. Fort Collins Police Sgt. Joel Tower will offer insight into what emergency crews are experiencing locally. State Sen. John Kefalas, D-Fort Collins, will help explain what needs to happen in order to prompt legislative reform. Reporter Jason Pohl and photographer Erin Hull will also explain what they’ve learned in working on this project.

The rest of the guest list isn’t quite finalized, but we’ll let you know when it is here on Insider.

Date: Monday, Feb. 16

Time: 7 p.m.

Location: The Coloradoan, 1300 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins

Cost: Free

Want to attend? Please RSVP here