Hey everyone, I wanted give you an update on the Cyclocross Training Course we’ve been working on. We’ve made a lot of progress since I first publicly announced the Pilot Program idea in August of 2017 but we still have some work to do to be riding the course by August of 2019.

I had discussed adding cyclo-cross features to area parks with the parks department and park planning and development in early 2016 and again 2017. In that second meeting, the departments expressed interest in the idea and gave us the go ahead to put together a proposal for a cyclo-cross training course pilot program.

After obtaining 536 signatures of support and five course proposals from the cycling community I submitted the proposal to the park planning and development department describing cyclo-cross, the requested features, explaining usage (when, how much, by whom, how fast, how often…). After internal review, the parks department and park planning and development settled on Rossborough Park as the potential location for the pilot program.

The course is very roughly 1.25 miles long, includes a sand pit, adjustable height double barriers, off camber area and stairs (see photo). The course will be marked with sports field paint. The initial course was amended to minimize path and trail crossings and to keep the course away from other park features. It was amended again very slightly after Steve Stefko met with the Fort Collins Storm Water (Rossborough Park is a giant water detention area) and Forestry. They wanted to make sure we weren’t producing sediment and were staying out from under the tree canopies. With a tentative green lights from Parks, Storm Water, and Forestry, Jen Torrey with Park Planning and Development setup a meeting for me with the City of Fort Collins Citizens Advisory Board for Parks and Recreation (this was last night). I did about a 20 minute presentation in front of the board, answered questions and after addressing concerns we were again given the green light to proceed with the process. The next steps include but are not limited to; meeting with the neighborhood, finalizing the course design, finalizing specific feature design, addressing feature liability concerns, creating a maintenance/inspection schedule, creating a pilot program timeline and report card, create signage, construct the course. The goal is to have the course operational by September 2019.

Please keep in mind that we are still in the proposition phase of the proposal, the course is not guaranteed to happen but it is progressing smoothly so far. If this program goes well, it could be the catalyst for more cycling features within the park system.

Special thanks to Jen Torrey and Steve Stefko. Jen works for Park Planning & Development and has been instrumental in keeping the ball rolling and guiding us down the process. Steve has been a huge help with course design and as a sounding board for the proposal.

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