Logan At LargeFort Collins’ own Logan VonBokel is running for the At Large postition on the USAC Cyclocross Comittee. Cyclocross Magazine conducted the following interview with him.  You can read it in full here: http://bit.ly/114cDLP

Voting for the position is open via you online account on the USAC website: http://bit.ly/114cRCM








Cyclocross Magazine: Does the US have too many UCI events.

Logan Von Bokel: I don’t believe that the US has an overabundance of races. However, I do worry about there being too many in one area, such as there are in the Northeast. This is ultimately, a two-fold problem of the governing body not raising the standards to which a race must be ran and promoters in other areas, namely the Midwest and Rocky Mountain areas, not seeing the value in holding UCI races.

CXM: Are field limits needed in local races? Should the 80% rule be used for lower categories?

LVB: In areas I’ve raced most, the Midwest and the Rocky Mountains, there is a need for field limits because the races cannot give much of an experience to participants because of the courses’ lengths and general sizes. In contrast, I was staged 167th at Cross Vegas last year and I did not feel that the amount of riders on the course was excessive due to the size of the course.

Its ultimately a call for promoters and officials, as they have to decide whether the riders staged way at the back can have a quality and safe experience with the course size and length that they are using.

An 80% rule is not necessary for local races, but on crowded courses, lapped riders should be removed, as officials and judges have enough on their plate.

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