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Thank You For Everything You Have Done! 

FORT COLLINS, CO – February 4, 2019 – The Ciclismo Youth Foundation recently said a heartfelt goodbye to Dave Kahl as a member of our Board of Directors. We would like to honor Dave and his contributions to our foundation and our cycling community as he takes a more active role in his retirement.

Dave accepted an invitation to become a board member in 2015 after serving as a coach and a ride along dad in our youth cycling programs for four years. Dave’s passion for riding and having fun on two wheels were evident from the beginning and we have enjoyed our journey with him. While on the Board of Directors, Dave took ownership of many of our back-end data systems like our “Coach Zone” Web page and “Team App” for communications.

“Dave helped us move from a person-dependent operation to a systems-based organization,” said Jason Trujillo, President of the Board of Directors. “We now have some really good systems in place for tracking our practices, getting feedback from our coaches and paying our coaches. It’s made a huge difference in our ability to serve a large number of riders while maintaining a high-quality experience for everyone involved.”

Dave also has a personal passion for building pump tracks. During his time with CYF, Dave took the lead and worked with Kenny Bearden of the Overland Mountain Bike Club to reconstruct the pump track at Spring Canyon Park in 2017. “To understand Dave’s passion for pump tracks, you have to realize that he began that project by building a test track in his own back yard,” Trujillo reflected. “Who else would have done that?”

Thank you for your passion, Dave!

If you see Dave out on the trails, please give him high-five and thank him for everything he has done to get kids on bikes in Fort Collins.

The Board of Directors does not plan to immediately fill the vacancy. However, we would like to encourage anyone who might be curious to send a letter of interest to jason@ciclismoyouthfoundation.org
You don’t have to be an avid cyclist to get involved. We are looking for anyone who is passionate about sustainability, community involvement, philanthropy, fundraising, and helping others.  

For more information about the Ciclismo Youth Foundation, our programs, events, scholarships or mission, please visit us @ www.ciclismoyouthfoundation.org

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