dejan2One of the last photos taken by Dejan before his gear was stolen was of Stephen Hyde winning cyclocross nationals in Hartford CT. Photo by Dejan Smaic.If you’ve done more than a handful of BRAC races, Dejan Smaic has taken your photo, period. The former geologist turned professional photographer has been racing and shooting cycling in Colorado for decades. He shoots it all, track, cross, road mtb, team training camps etc.. plus he’s one hell of a nice guy. Unfortunately on his most recent trip to shoot Cyclocross Nationals in Hartford CT, not only did his beloved Jeep break down to the tune of $1500.00 but thieves stole over $20,000 in photography equipment. He was in between insurance policies so there is no chance of filing a claim. Cycling photography doesn’t pay particularly well and the equipment is ridiculously expensive. A 300mm 2.8 lens can clear $5000.00, a digital camera body?  At least that much and he usually has two hanging around his neck. Without that equipment its impossible for Dejan to replace said equipment. 

The cycling community is currently rallying to help get Dejan back in business via a GoFundMe campaign. Please help if you can.