Donkey Hills Trail Day

The Donkey Hills Mountain Bike trail system is hosting a trail day April 27th.  The MTB park  located  up Rist Canyon will be planting 150+ trees, dropping burned ones, building line for erosion control and making slash piles. If you’ve got a chainsaw or a shovel, bring it. A keg will be available once the chainsaws have been put down. 

If you’re interested in helping, meet at Verns in Laporte Saturday morning at 9am. You’ll be carpooling to the top of Davis Ranch Road. 

The 5 plus mile trail system is complete, now they’re working to bring the forest back strong. 

Contact Levi at:


PRIVATE PROPERTY, Riders must be accompanied by a member of the Goedl family and have signed a waiver. 

More about the park via Levi Goedl:

Donkey Hills is a trail system built just West of Fort Collins. It has everything from technical downhill, BIG drops, berms, jumps, fast flowing valleys, wooden features, etc…. There is nothing like it in Northern Colorado! Its located on a 50 acres plot that was burned by the High Park Fire. The home owners, my parents, built their home on the property 35yrs ago. They lost absolutely everything in the fire and are starting over from scratch with their lives! The trails are open to ride accompanied by me, Levi Goedl, with the ask of a small donation of anything to help get my family back on their feet! I am available to take people up to ride most days. Give me a call in advance and let me know when you are thinking of riding and well set it up! Call Levi-970-227-6032