Reconstruction of Larimer County Roads 22H and 29 North of Highway 34 is in full swing. The roads that connect Eden Valley to Highway 34 at two separate locations were heavily damaged during the flooding that occurred on Sept 12th, 2013 and have been closed ever since.  According to the Larimer County website, both roads and the bridge that crosses the Big Thompson River will be reopened on July 1st 2016. 

Denver Post story about the flood.

22h 4Although the bridge that crosses the Big Thompson was apparently unscathed during the flooding, the roadway on its North and South banks was heavily damaged.

22h 3A cement wall has been poured along the entire Northern bank of the Big Thompson River between the bridge and the dam.

22h 2The dam East of the bridge held strong during the massive flood too.

22h 1County Road 22H, the dirt road that heads towards Estes Park, is currently in very poor condition.

22h 6Looking East on County Rd 29. This road will also connect you to Highway 34 albeit via tarmac rather than gravel.

22h 7Looking West on County Road 29. There is still lots to do for the crew to meet their July 1st deadline.

  Aerial view of the damaged area.


Google street view of the area before the floods.