estes epic

Estes Park will be hosting a new mountain bike and trail race weekend on Sept 2nd and 3rd. The Estes Epic will feature 25 and 50 mile mountain bike races and half +, 26 and 50 mile trail running races.  If you’re especially deranged, you can race the 50 mile mountain bike race on Saturday and the 50 mile run on Sunday to compete in the Epic Double. Relay team option available. Two people race. One races the MTB on Saturday and one races the Run on Sunday. Their times are added together for scoring. Can be any combination of genders.

The course will take place in the beautiful Arapaho Roosevelt National Forest South of Estes Park.
The route is comprised of 20% paved roads, 50% single track, and 30% double track/ Fire roads. It peaks at an elevation of 9,500′ and you never drop below 6,900′.


25 Mile Bike $70.00
50 Mile Bike $90.00
Epic Double – 50MTB & 50Run $185.00
Epic Double – Relay $205.00
Heavy Half Marathon $55.00
Full Marathon $75.00
50 Mile Ultra Run $90.00



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Strava turn by turn map/cue sheet:


estes epic map