Brannan Fix and Fix Racing are heading to Europe for the kerstperiode (translates to the “Christ period”) block of races this week. After an intentionally slow start to the season, Fix is hoping for a solid Belgian block. By this time in 2021 Fix had raced 18 races, all of which were on the road, and was admittedly cracked by Nationals opting not to head to Belgium to vie for a Worlds spot.  So far this season Fix has only raced 15 times with two local races and although his 13th place at Nationals was a tad lackluster and making the Worlds team is unlikely, he’s motivated to head across the pond for some valuable euro experience.  See his results here and his kerstperiode schedule below.

Fix warming up for the 2022 season at the Crazy Joe Cross races at Bush Acres.

Fix will race all of the kerstperiode races minus the World Cups. All races will be streamed live on GCN.

  • Zolder 27 Dec. FINISHED- 35
  • Diegem 28 Dec. FINISHED- 46
  • Loenhout 30 Dec. FINISHED- 40
  • Baal 01 Jan. FINISHED-36
  • Herentals 03 Jan. FINISHED- DNS
  • Koksijde 05 Jan. FINISHED- DNF
  • Gullegem 07 Jan. FINISHED- 29
  • Zonhoven 08 Jan. FINISHED- 39

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