Boulder Valley VelodromeThe newly formed Fort Collins Track Club is seeking funding to help offset the cost of membership to the Boulder Valley Velodrome. So far, 37 people have expressed interest in racing on the track but the $15,000.00 team membership is daunting.  If 30 people take to the track, they’d be looking at $500.00 per year, per person.  To help offset those costs, Zack Allison is seeking corporate and individual funding.  So far Spex Optical, Source Endurance and Veloforma Bicycles have stepped up with sizable funds and discounts.   Membership dues are currently sitting at $400.00 per rider. 

Team members will receive; free certification classes, rental bikes, one 90 minute track time during the week, one 90 minute track time on the weekends and deep discount on purchasing other track times via a punch card system.

Interested racers should request to join the Fort Collins Track Club google group:!forum/fort-collins-track-club

Interested sponsors should contact Zack Allison at: zallison (at)