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Rick Price, of the Bicycle Safety Institute of Colorado and the Fort Collins Bike Co-o
p and Dr. Terri Marty of University of Colorado Health Systems will remove the “ghost bike” placed to commemorate the death of Jim Fogelberg on Saturday, December 14th.  The all-white bicycle was placed at the corner of Hinsdale Drive and Harmony Road on Sunday November 17th in memory of James Fogelberg.  Fogelberg was killed while riding his bicycle in the bike lane at this intersection on October 8th when a pickup truck turned left across his path.  He died later that evening.

“We placed the bike at that location as a reminder to both motorists and cyclists of this incident,” said Price, the Bicycle Safety Coordinator for the Fort Collins Bike Co-op.

Fort Collins City regulations allow roadside memorials to be left in place for up to thirty days after a crash resulting in death.  Because it took almost thirty days to place the bike the City began its thirty-day count down on November 17th.

The plaque quoting Jim Fogelberg’s response to a friend when asked if he didn’t fear for his life when he rode on local roads reads, “I will not be afraid to live my life.”  It will be donated to the family.  The bike itself will go into storage at the Fort Collins Bike Co-op “with the hope that we’ll never have to use it again,” said Price.

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