Via George Smith

George Smith, a senior in high school and long time CYF rider, is running a collection drive for the homeless in Fort Collins as an eagle scout project. As the racing season dies down this fall, use some of your extra time to look through your closet to clean out some of the winter gear you don’t wear! The cold is coming and people need to stay warm, so after your ride tonight see what you’ve got, or head to the store and grab a pack of socks! Cyclists in Fort Collins are known for their activity in benefiting the community; don’t make this an exception! Collected items will go directly to the Homeless Gear organization in Fort Collins.

When: Ends December 7th.

Where: Donation bins are set up in JAX Outdoor Gear, REI, Recycled Cycles, and Performance Bicycle.

What: Adult Hoodies, Adult Jackets, and (new) socks. Other winter-specific outerwear items are accepted (hats, gloves, boots, sleeping bags etc.), but this is our main focus. If you have extra jeans, t-shirts, or items like that that you want to donate, those items will be taken to another charity. The Homeless Gear donations are limited to winter gear items.


Ride on!